History of the Future Saga 4

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start of the cycle war

Submitted: September 29, 2009

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Submitted: September 29, 2009



2035. IGC with the help of IGT start plans for the ES (Earth Sheild), they also start work on ST1 (space torpedo 1)

2036. Titan Space Angel (a series of large fighter spaceships) is launched. Radio signals are now picking up this "In God we pray to deystroy ower forbarers to finf the path to heaven". IGC pepare for war.

2037. Space breathing technolgy is devolped which alows you to breath up to 5 hours in space. IGC founds the first Earth goverment called Gods Court the highest postion is Emporer, the first Emporer is the founder of BR and IGT and is called Maylayne De Cox. It is also recoreded that the avrage cy-borg will live to see 300 if technolgy was to stay the same at that moment.

2038. A space telescope has captured pictures of a fleet of large red space ships and on completley black. The beging of OGW1 (operation galatic war 1) which involves several more space ships and SNT (space nuke turrets) across the solar system.

2039. A new radio signal says "We are  the Children of God and ower place in Heaven can only be obtained by deystroy our ancestrors. That is you!"

2040. Children of God a month away from our solor system.

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