History of the Future Saga 5

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The Cycle war.

Submitted: October 13, 2009

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Submitted: October 13, 2009



2040. Children of God arrive. One of the SNT fires on one of their ships hitting somthing critical. IGT begin work on BL (Black Lightining, black hole technolgy).

2041. Titan Space Angels prove a match for The Children of Gods ships. Emporer Maylayne De Cox changes her titil to Emporeress. At this time the solor systems most popluar religon is Ka-God (a form of many religions put to gether for the greater good of all) The percentage of Ka-Gods is 70%.

2042. Mars is invaded. BL is becoming a success.

2043. After a year of hard fighting the invaders are cleared from Mars. IGT start work on GR1 (grand radar 1), to pick up signals from miles away.

2044. The war is going well. Maylayne De Cox is succsesfully connect to major computers in IGC.

2045.Maylayne De Cox fights in the war as an advanced war cy-borg by the name Nova-Immortal. BL is half way from being finished.

2049. Only the Children of Gods black ship remains and it is too advanced for IGC to do any damage to it. They just have to hold out for a year till BL is complete.

2050. Nova-Immortal has been captured and ES is losing power, Mars is also about to be taken and the Moon is under seige. BL is finished! IGC puts its last effort to clear away so the BL can turn round and rescue Nova-Immortal. Things go to plan Nova-Immortal is saved and BL using some diffrent technolgy manages to suck the black space ship in and not suck anything else in.

2051. The Emporeress anouncess the Cycle war official over and renaims the Moon Lunar and also chnages Earths name to The Garden of Edan.

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