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Submitted: April 03, 2010

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Submitted: April 03, 2010



The mother hugged her daughter tears rolled down her cheeks as a fiery mushroom cloud reared its head in the distance. The mother whisper softly into her daughter’s ear.
 “I knew this would come it was obvious that all this all we know would be gone, we are gone lost in the wind of an ever changing earth never fitting in and always bulling it, and we knew it. We are not the most advanced because we are the strongest or the cleverest we are this because we were placed here by our masters, and we are the slaves, but as a dog can turn on its master a master and bite them in the neck, a human can turn on its master and bite it in the neck”
And as the red wave of the explosion came closer the woman held her daughters hand and raised it along with her daughters like a pin to a tidal wave and the mother and daughter cried as loud as a thousand men.
The Nefilim commander looked with a smile on his face as the humans city went to a fiery end.

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