Origin of the Angehl (Angels)

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Orgin of the sapient and avian speices Angehls. The picture is what the current God might look a bit like.

Submitted: February 04, 2010

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Submitted: February 04, 2010



The Angehl were once an ape species in the hot areas of the continent of Amora. After millions of years as apes a space faring bird like people arrived on the planet and used the Angehl as workers, also they began to mix the Angehl and themselves together. The end product was a human race with pink slightly scaly skin narrow bird like eyes hard bone noses fluffy feather like hair and wings.
After having enough working for their masters the Angehl rebelled and killed their masters but adopted their culture. And from this a civilization sparked the solar civilization of the Anociche. But this civilization was not to last. As a result of climate change and devastating chemical war they collapsed and the world was thrown into chaos.
But strands of the Anociche culture survived in language some culture writing and great landmarks.Many nations and ideas began to rise and the Angehl’s appearance changed. They’re hair became finer and less feathery, they’re noses began to be more skin than bone, they began to grow bigger ears, and their scaly bits were becoming more skin like.
After their civilizations had almost reached the height of their forbearers disaster struck.A great war ripped through the world and a meteor struck the world. With the world in chaos a leader by the name of Anjehvohon Aksroeie rose to own the world rebuilding many things and pushing spiritual science to its boundaries, he also revolutionized science taping it into the universe heart. After many hundreds of years the Angehl’s were coming into contact with other galactic peoples. After many wars the Angehl’s were the masters of the galaxy, but they still had to evolve. After centuries of Angehl rule the galaxy was super advanced people were able to change appearance in seconds, travel faster than light and were close to getting out the galaxy.At this time the Angehl’s were starting to embrace the only true emotions of the universe, love and hate.
After another century Angehl’s began to be less reliant on technology and became rather different from the other races, also at this time the Council of Elders and the top position of God was created, the first God being Satanhevoh. Soon colonization was no longer something physical it was also the influence on lesser beings and creating planets and species, but only those powerful enough could do it.
And so millennia after these events the 10th God has taken the throne and titles such as Lord of Heaven and its worlds, King of Heaven and Galaxticaka, Lord of Life, Lead Elder, and the most recent one, Almighty God. The current Gods rule has been something of great speculation but these out bursts have been dealt with by Gods lesser servants, such as The Shadow.

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