The Gods Creation

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Most of the ideas in this i got from the book the 12th planet.

Submitted: February 16, 2010

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Submitted: February 16, 2010



Where did us as monkeys not covered in hair with dominance over the earth come from? On our journey to who we are today we seem to have forgotten the law of natural evolution, but how? Within 200,000 years we came from a hairy bunch of monkeys with intelligence that could at least walk upright serving mother-nature to be nature’s dictator. We rose to build great things that we even today struggle to build, we changed nature it’s self and give it names to fit our needs. Nature wouldn’t create something that would ultimately destroy it, us humans in our primitive form once helped the animals and lived with them, now we kill, enslave and rule them. What happened to create such a change?
Were we created by someone? Many would say God, or as one of the older Gods called Elohim said, “Let us create man in our image, after our likeness”.  Were these ancient God’s our creators? The Sumerians who had their God’s appoint Kings have the origin of humans all written down. Yet a more explainable explanation of what made us is discarded as myth. These Gods seem to be us, or more us them. They have records of how humans were mixed between the Gods and our hairy ancestor to make us, the Gods servant’s. We would work in the Gods fields, be their servants, and work in the Garden of Eden, to which God(s) strolled through often. But we did not mind, as that is what we had been created for. For such tasks the God’s gave us skills such as language intelligence close to the God’s.Their supposedly was some kind of revolution and we over through the God’s and now they aren’t here as God’s, or are here as God’s just they look the same as us; probably the greatest people are very much like the God’s.They left some of their culture with us, the very writing you see before you comes from the original language used by the God’s changed and passed down through centuries.

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