Rock Bottom

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Almost reached rock bottom?

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013



Rock Bottom


Strip: Hey! Wait up!

Kim: Yuki!

Strip: That guy wants to race you! Come back!

Strip: Big baller!

Yuki: :O

Strip: You can totally take him, you know that right?

Yuki: What does he drive?

Strip: 99 Mustang, it’s a 5.0 hahaha

Kim: Nothing stock about it at all.

Strip No doubt.

Strip: 2g, we can go to Pete’s right…

Kim: Celebrate with them wafers!!

Strip: Wooooo!

Kim: Wooooo!

Yuki: Yea I do all the work, you all pig the fuck out, typical.

Kim: And you know it baby!

Strip: Besides you owe me, and you know it. These people will never beat you we all know that already.

Yuki: I don’t owe you shit.

Strip: Remember when…

Yuki: Shut up! Let’s do this.

Kim: Wooooo!

Strip: Wooooo!


I am by no means the best, regardless of what is up for question. I have been defeated many times and in many different ways, from the streets and into the bedroom. I will never rage and I will never quit I can tell you that much. I remember this dialogue only because it has to do with The Big Race. It’s not a big role but the driver of that Mustang goes by the name Georgie. He beat a few people, built himself a rep and then went on to be defeated by Kim herself. If he’s beatable then why would I accept the challenge in the first place, two grand that’s why, isn’t it obvious? He always seemed like the cocky type to me and I don’t really like that. They became good friends him and Kim. He continued to speak of Kim as if she is the best in the history of ever. It never bothered me because I never have anything to prove to anyone, not even to myself. The part that did bother me was that at some point in time he began to hype up The Big Race. Truthfully, I never had any intention of ever racing Kim, nor did she ever want to race against me. We were both just friends doing what we enjoy doing. Neither of us cared who was better, we never once talked about it since that very first time we met but we both knew that it was just talk and that’s all it was.


People eventually began talking about us so much to the point where they began to bad mouth us both. They finally got on Kim’s last nerves. I’ve never met anyone with the willpower to just not give a shit, anyone that has the patience that I have. She asked me one day, and to kind of get everyone off her back and to shut up, I went along with it. I tend to do that a lot, agreeing in a bad situation even though I don’t. I think it’s because it makes people happy to be right and in return I too get happy when I make someone else happy. This is the 100% truth on how it went down. I, myself can’t seem to figure it out but perhaps someone else can tell me who’s at fault. I’m not looking for any one person to blame specifically but more along the lines of what was the actual event, the very moment that started the chain reaction of the outcome of The Big Race. When it comes down to anything that has to do with The Big Race, I can clearly remember it all. For example:


Kim: Hey, what’s up?

Strip: I lost my shoes. =/

Kim: wow

DeVeN: wtf

Kim: Talk to us, what’s up?

Kim: How do you lose your shoes?

DeVeN: No seriously…. WTF?

Strip: At least I didn’t lose my ass right? RIGHT? :P

Kim: …

Yuki: …

DeVeN: …

Tiffy: …

Strip: :P


That was the very last time the five of us were together. Not too long after this day is when my world began to slowly fall apart.


Throughout my life I am constantly reminded of my favorite movie of all time “Fight Club”. There is one line in particular that goes, “First, you have to know, not fear, know that someday you are going to die.” It goes on immediately to say the following line, “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” I don’t not agree with the second part but I do take these lines serious when compared to my own life and everything that has happened. I guess in the end I don’t want to be truly free, I am not willing to pay the price of losing everything, although it is getting pretty close.

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