Feeling Dazed

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Random thoughts while I was in class. It takes forever to end...just watching the clock makes you want to go crazy.

Submitted: April 03, 2007

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Submitted: April 03, 2007



Feeling Dazed

That's when love is weak.
love and nerves
Lies at night
Lack of need.
Isolation is death.
What you need to say
Who you are today

It's our nature.
What for?
You can't do that until you can write
The clock is going haywire

Oh how I hope it could be for me...
She stares down at her paper so fixedly
I don't understand how one couldn't see the beauty

Going to waste
Down the drain
It's so serious
Meaning it all
Its disappeared
There was no fire
In the first place


Too new,
Too soon.


Hurting to watch me go
Shrugging off your apology
didn't want you to know
What kind of person I can be.

You coo me over so easily
Your shirt smells oh so sweet
You inspire me so much I
Can barely speak
Do you want another kiss?
Your question was so innocent!
Your breath smooth over my shoulder
And the sweet taste of your mouth
You're draining the life from my neck

And the minutes pass on
And the minutes drone on
And I'm sitting here with gum
On the bottom of my chair
That I put there
And the screen seems blank
But I really don't care
Because if I did
I wouldn't be here

I'm trapped here
In a room where
I would never hope
To be trapped forever

Eyes glazed
Feeling dazed

Writing down but not comprehending
Not understanding.

Home and Hospital Visits
Oh, how well that dress fits...
There you are, lying there
In the deepest of despair

stay at the mall until after hours
the security guard walks around a little more
don't know what he's searching for

I think, life is the best entertainment anyone can get.
Better than the entertainment that widescreen tv pays.
And then I hear the dial tone of the internet
for the first time in three days.

I look away from the screen
because i don't want to care.

it's good for you like the dose of medicine
it's good for you like the dose of medicine
so just take it in without thinkin
so just take it in without thinkin

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