The Understanding of a Galactic Dream

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A dream. Understanding of space and time. That there is a purpose for life, and we are all connected to it. And time is a story that will never end, even if we are left behind in the dust. It will forever continue.

Submitted: February 26, 2007

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Submitted: February 26, 2007



"Dad wants you to clean your room."

I barely heard my brother's voice as I slowly opened my eyes. I sighed, and lifted the blanket that I had been oh so comfortably wrapped in, and headed upstairs to my room. I collapsed onto my bed, thinking, "I'll just lie here for a little while. THen clean..." So I did. And I remembert hinking repeatedly, "I can't fall asleep, I can't fall alseep..." Just before I slid into stillness, darkness, and peace.


I am...floating.



But where?

Where am I?


I think a million questions as I Am in total darkness. I Am. Nothing else. Only existing. Not sick, not injured, not healthy, happy, sad, angry....Just Am. Just Being.

 Suddenly, the thoughts are ambushed from me, taken...Or shut off, by a heavy steel door...

Not thinking...


But can't.

 Mind is empty.


And my eyes are opened and I"m whirling... Forward. I see a small light in the distance, like a star, but the only star in the whole infinate stretch of sky and space. The star is small at first, but as I get closer, it gets bigger... It's getting larger and brighter until I think I'm so close I may be blinded and then...


A flash of brilliant white light enters my pupils and I am flooded with thoughts.


I think for the 2 whole seconds I am within the light.

But the flash ends.


And then..


I'm still hurling forward. By Unknown Force. There's reason for it to press me on, but it is no earthly element. Not wind, not fire...

But as soon as the flash suddenly came, I am enclosed in the magnificence of the galaxies. I see bright planets that stand out from the blackness of the universe like fire. Luminescent greens, glowing oranges, outstanding light blues, fluorescent yellows. And billions of stars. More than could ever fill Earth's limited sky. And I'm not in silence. Oh no, music surrounds me.


Stars. The stars are weeping songs of the deepest sorrow, and my throat feels unbearably hollow for them. I feel the true sorrow of the stars, who sing with sweet voices similiar to those of innocent children, but they couldn't be compared, for the stars have so much more innocence than could be imagined, for they sang of the billions of years they have seen of lonliness, creation, and devastation.

The planets. They sing of difference. Of joy, happiness, bliss. They sing a slow song, like the stars, but I felt a passion for the planets as if they were the family I never had. As if we were all one. And my heart flutters with joy. Surprisingly, this blissful melody combines with the melody of the stars in perfect harmony. The most perfect of harmonies.

The Harmony...

The Bonding...


I notice a gentle ringing to my side. I turn, and see a comet, its head of pure white fire and a long tail of a cloudy blue. I don't see the rock that is submerged in the fire. Only the brilliance of the fire. And the song is of the most lovely and beautiful ringing in my ears. And I feel gratitude towards the comet, I want to thank it for being so beautiful, so wonderous. And for surviving for so long, so I could share its song. The comet beging rising and lowering, changing pitch with the melodic voices of the stars and planets. My eyes water, and a tear of thankfullness falls from my lash. The comet brightens with radiance. More comets surround me, and become one harmony with the planets and stars.


The sky itself sings. There is no hollowness in the sky--it almost seems barbaric to think so. How can something so filled with the utmost beauty be empty?

The sky sings of life. A deep voice sings in a language of no words; only meaning. True Meaning of all wonder. Life, Death, Destiny, Love, Hatred... And despite the Unknown Force, I lift my hands with ease to these heavens and smile. I open my mouth and my soprano voice pours out and I sing with the Eternal Sky. My lips move with a language not understood by ear, but by the heart, mind, body, and soul.

And I realize. The Unknown Force is the Force of all Time. And Time is not wholly understood by men. Its only something the Galaxies truly know. And they gave me a true gift; a glimpseof the Meaning. The almighty Purpose. Why there Is. The Harmony. The Harmony of life, and how we are Bonded to it. And to Be. To Be one of one and one only. To Be Bonded, to Have Meaning, and to Have Harmony--connection, The Bond--between all intersecting happenings, and the Understanding of life and time.


As my thoughts become deeper, the sight which befolds me becomes dimmer. I don't want to leave, but I know I must. It's Purpose.

Suddenly, I Am once again. Except the darkness is different, uplifting.

Then I Am no longer. I open my eyes and they travel to the orange lights on my ceiling. I take a deep breath, and let it out slowly. I look out my windows, and it's dusk.


How long was I asleep?

I smile to myself, and think, "Through all Time."

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