Darkness: What you see everyday if you are blind A poem 3

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A Poem about what blind people go threw everyday.

Submitted: January 31, 2011

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Submitted: January 31, 2011



Imagine a world without color.

Those who hate color might think it is great but.....

What does color look like?

What is ''red?''

What is that sudden warmth that hits your face when you step outside?

I think it's called the ''sun'', isn't it supposed to be ''yellow?''

When I feel my Mom hug me I often wonder what does she look like, what do I look like?

What does ''hair'' look like?

One's sence of touch and hearing is often the most powerful if your sight is gone.

As I walk down the halls I hear people whispering to each other;

''What a freak, he can't even see''

I was born this way I can't help it.

Maybe I am not good enough.

All you see is darkness.

Sometimes you will wonder down the street and hear:

''Pass the orange one to me,'' or

''I like the pink one,''

The only color you know is black.


sorrounding you,


What does a computer look like,

I can't use it I am blind,

what about a car?

But the thing with being blind is you see beyond what the normal-can-see-person can see,

you fell a persons face- even a disfigured one- and say it feels beautiful,

if you somehow went blind and regained the ability to see

you will not take it badly,

you will embrace it,

you will see the color red and love it,

how deep blue the sky is,

how pretty your wife is,

and what you look like.

But most of all you will love the ability to see,

you will embrace it,

a love it.

You will learn the colors,

and love every one.

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