A Blunder Of Money.

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Think before you spend.! Spend ! Spend !

Submitted: March 05, 2013

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



A Blunder Of Money !

They buy things with other people's thoughts in their mind, Mmm! Now who ? Should I make , Jealous with this outfit I'm about to purchase

not bothering to even looking at the price tag

or whether the outfit will even suit them or not

Why should they have to worry

after all there only out to impress

the more expensive the outfit and Label the more jealous people are going to be

they are doing no harm to anyone but themselves

As their the ones who are now going to be stuck with " Debt " big enough to burn a whole in their Pockets

just for othersto see

There still unaware of their identity there only Full of Labels and can't be themselves without the trademarks

no matter what your wearing beit twenty pounds worth to maybe two hundred or more

 Remember its the Pearson inside the outfit that counts 

so don't become another one caught up in the label tag war

leaving the designers to, Become richer and more famous

money is not always Neccessarly quality and if people, Who can afford it want it just because of the label--- then good luck to them

The likely hood of people with money are that there more careful when it comes to spending their Hard earned cash and are less likely to put it into designers pockets

If they do well two hundred pound To a not so wealthy Pearson is only going to land them with Credit bills as high as the ceiling

Not to Forget the extra added stress 

while the ones who can afford is only play money to them .



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