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Gifted present dont have to lead to ?

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013



You don't owe any one in this Life favours  apart from gratitude 

if any one thinks you do Just because they've done you a favour or two

 along with their constant cast ups

Then let that be their problem n,ot yours

Expeciallyso  if it was done so supposedly on an, Unconditional basis

when your gifted presents straight away they become yours to do with them as you wish

 Expecially when it's being gifted by someone you think really cares 

 don't let the present posses you

Wether it be a diamond ring to a bottle of perfume

there may be a time when betrayal comes in the way & 

For some people the very first thought is to throw every gifted present right back in the face

if your a Hundred percent sure there's no going back

you may also want to bin every one of the gifts to enable, Yourself to move forward again

that decision of what YOU ! Want to do with these now unwanted gifts is yours 

 The decision of what to do now are entirely up to ones self

 The real problem begins when the decision is Snatched from your hands when you are now asked by the giver to return the gifts 

 so the question now is How ? Are you supposed to return the bottle of perfume uv now used, or the pair of shoes that you've now worn Or the handbag which still holds your possessions

 Easy-way out dont return one single one

either give them To charity and get a sense of relief or sell them on eBay classed as unwanted gifts and make sure your ex- Partner knows, ( cruel I know ) but such is the vengeance of a woman betrayed. -or vice versa

The moral to this tale is that every person is different in their own right of how They ! Want to deal with Such issues on their own mermit

Expecially when one feels they've been good hearted and sincere in The relationship or should I say Possessions

 which still doesn't mean your in anyway Bonded to be obliged for eternity

Kim kardashian s story gave me the urge to write this short piece As her divorce is being prolonged because she won't return a Two point two diamond engagement ring that she was given by Her now ex-husband ( her choice who's to say she should or shouldn't ) Tip- if you choose eBay use the money you got on a well deserve d holiday ! 


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