My own free will

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When ones free to choose for themselves when the time to be intimate is
And not be pressurised or seduced into a quick decision one maybe regret later on, in this case it was 3 yrs before I finally said Yes .

Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013



I always thot I'd find someone to Love of my own Free Wil,l

When our Love began it took me by surprise,

you simply captivated me,

The way that you do when I look in your eyes,

That night when we looked into each others eyes you were waiting patiently For my consent,

I nodded yes and you made me all yours .

Sometimes I wonder if what we had was to good to be true

, So scared was I to get my Heart broken , and loosing you for good,

But the one thing I knewfor sure is that you were my one and only treasure That captivated my Heart 

It was an honour to know that I was yours as you were mine

I always had to know that Because I wanted to devote my whole life simply to you Ihad to know if you'd do the same

 You tried to teach me to see my imperfect self, With my suspicious mind and everything else

, That I now know stopped our journey from moving ahead, and instead I remained On the journey that brought me so many

Lies and Tears

, but now it's to late The damage is done , that's what drew me afar from you,

but when I was with you Perfection was all I could see in your eyes I know our relationship was hard at times and I thot that we'd make it thro But my insecurity was something I could not Help, if I'd been blessed with Good health it might have helped, but I couldn't have asked you for anymore Than you did for me and STIL do

But all that I do know for sure is that I Loved you for sure.

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