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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Riddles  |  House: Booksie Classic
Some of my own written quotes .

Submitted: March 26, 2014

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Submitted: March 26, 2014



Clones is asking permission without speaking

Wheras honesty is being considerate 

For the need to ask for permission .


To bring everything down and start anew again 

Would be everyone's ideal dream , but 

Dreams remain dreams 

Just like life remains life .


one passionate soul is all it takes to ignite & make a diffrence 

To other people's hurts in life .


its beter to lead your own destiny imperfectly 

than to be misguided into a life you don't want .


its true what they say about first love 

No one can ever replace it 

First love is just what it is 

Out of this world .


i didn't need a second love 

I had all the love a man could give , and no one was 

Capable of taking his place 

His love alone with or without him 

Was enough to last me till eternity .


look good talk wise and you've mastered your life .


Everyone has a worth in this world , and no one but 

God has the right to take this away .


silence can display and betray a whole lot of words 

With not a word need spoken .


is there such a thing as emotional death 

When your soul is dying and you don't even care .


violence will destroy the world , but it will never win it 

Only god has the final say in what happens .


its hard not to become a victim of your thots .


men will be men and continue to cheat 

Women will be women and continue to beleive .


a feminist isn't always a man hater 

She's a woman who can recognise the equality and humanity of women and men .


Great minds are never given their worth 

When their alive .


Its a lot easier to say that your mad 

Than to admit you are hurt .


giving up is not failure , it's just knowing when enough is enough .


oh! How the pressure of my thots have subsided 

When his true provoking nature eventually woke me up .


dont neglect yourself when your down 

comfort yourself the way you would do others .

( this post has the highest ratings on my page -438 ) 


boredom a word that only another word can take away , and 

That word is ~~~~~~write ~~~~~~~write ~~~~~~ write 

Untill your hearts content , you won't even feel the hours pass by .


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