The same story with the same ending,,,

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Why! Why! Why! Won't my life pick its self up,,,,

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



But all has not ended yet, is my second name Trouble'sssssssssssssss Because it seems to follow me every where I go

I thot the time when such things could happen were past * I thot now was the time for me to finally un-wind

since things have been going slightly better than before(to soon a thot )

When once again that evil source of circumstances aroused themselfs all over again 

flung about like a rag doll from door to door was something I never apprehended

But I m such of a kind I will fight to my death if I have to, ( easier said than done ) as for each kick I managed to get in I'd get the same all over again

I could at that point sat myself in the foetal position in the corner of all four walls, but just like the raging bull that I am in my horoscope once I loose my rag I can't see beyond- RED. * and I was only up against a LEO , who most of us know if your a believer in horoscopes leos are only but the king of the jungle

with the only difference being we weren't in the jungle this was taking place in my home-a place I should have felt safe

who would think you'd need to be safe around a family member

 where I was merely seven and a half stone up against a gladiator ( that's the truth ) I was the light weight and he was the heavy weight, why? Are men so strong ? Oh yea I think that's the way it's meant to be but not to the extent where some use their strength on women

 he had a mum to how could he possibly do this to another mother a mother that had given him his first love and joy

If  that's how agitated he felt due to his own circumstances I'm glad I was the one better Me than her I'm lucky no bones were broken

Phew did the after pain hurt it felt as tho every bone in my body was broke but the bruises amounted most of my limbs

* this story should be buried and dead it's something I don't want todwell on

iv kept it to myself for a number of years never to be brought out in the open for any one to know

How shamefully he would feel if I were to name and tell but iv forgiven him now I had no choice I suppose to the predict ament it would have left behind would have compllicated hings far more 

you can forgive , but you'll never forget .



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