The ups & downs of me leading too- me! And me! Forever and him and him for ever!

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
The story I'm about to put up is about 16 yrs old and I'd like to dedicate this story to my best friend who unfortunately no longer here, she's one of the first friends I showed this story to & I remember her laughing hysterical y the whole way thro it, I laughed along with her as she read it out aloud only to laugh even more with the numerous amount of misspellings , no commas, full stops for it to make any sense as it was read out aloud, but over all she said she loved it & further insulted me jokingly to say she didn't think I had it in me to write such stuff, and I totally agreed to that - hence the reason it's been in my folder for that length of time & in a funny sort of way " cilla black" has a input in it to & I think that's the bit liked the best as I was trying to add some humour into what should have been a serious story based on love, but around about that time I didn't much care & I only wanted to write my thoughts down in words as nobody else would listen - hah,ha, don't blame them, but like my friend I'm hoping any1 who reads this will have a lorra- lorra fun with it , alough most of the mistakes have been corrected now I might leave a few in as perfection shouldent always have to be the there & if I get this story to perfect it might take away the essence of the funny side it had back then when I didn't know much about writing at all, I'm not saying iv drastic ' lly improved since then but if anything has changed since then is the humour I used to have bak then ?

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



THE UPs & DoWNs of ME! Leading Too " ME and ME! Forever

Been in Love is so desirable to imagine, But there's so much " Hurt and Pain " that accompanys Love

. I pearsonally think the word it's self is to strong if it's intent and to weak if its used and abused

the Meaning its self should never be uttered exept if its meant

 True Love ! To be able to die for one another If it came to being constantly pulled apart through interfering people , who haven't or couldn't have been in Love themselves

only then would they realise the cruelty of trying to pull two Lovers apart

jealously can Also play a factor from either the boys or Bitches- no offence to those wanny be Bitches, but I'm of the female Status myself and self admitting we always tend to have our break UPS over the men in or out of our lives

sometimes boyfriends make better friends than girl friends That's only if you take the boy factor out iE: Friend totally and utterly platonic

Is a   Well match if there's no strings attached

 so neither party feels Trapped

In fact some time it'sa blessing as if you don't Love You can't be hurt 

  Love can hurt even the slightest thing is enough to drive a Pearson Insane

 Love should never be one sided it should come and be received by both ends with trust in Each other to inable each other with breathing space 

. The deceit in Love it's self is the killer, as even the thought of your lover being with or wanting any one else Is enough to make one go of the rails , because if you've given that Pearson a hundred percent and he throws you Aside like a reject or he could play you along pretending to be in Love just to suit his needs to whenever he may Need them

this is an insult to the word Love in its self

marriage is supposed to be " till death duos us  part or is that me being old fashioned in my thin kings 

 If that's the case then why do so many men and Women ( dont want to sound like a male chovinist ) but being fair some women play a role in this also, have affairs Yes! That secret world that makes it more pleasurable because its supposed to be a secret 

 Surely your first love is Your partner or aught to be

 as why marry in the first place if you know your not going to commit to the rituals that were made 

I  know and fully understand sometimes it just happens and can't be helped , but in this case one should tell their partners before the delaying process Of being found out , anyhow as iv already stated its the deceiving that hurts more than the affair , expecially if there's STIL Been sex involved in either one or both previous relationships , it's the most humiliating circumstances to be in expecially If your the one who choose to sacrifice your Love for one partner only , as much as yous men would like to I'm sorry but Yous can't have it both ways , it's either " ALL Or NOTHING " as Loves a thing that can just not be shared....


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