Trillion People Suggested Drinking Excessive Water

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The purpose of this story is to share how I avoided KIDNEY PAIN

Submitted: November 04, 2012

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Submitted: November 04, 2012





The purpose of this story is to share how I avoided KIDNEY PAIN. First time I was diagnosed as kidney patient when I was in the early Matriculation in 1995’s. Known reason was said to be the deficiency in drinking water. If I remember that the pain was undoubtedly very severe initiating from back and comes to the urinary bladder. I was advised by the doctor to drink excessive water along with medicine. Second time this pain was diagnosed with a small stone after 11 years in 2006 when I was working in Jauharabad, Khushab. Known reason was contaminated drinking water at that time. Pain was more severe and physicians put me on drip in the hospital. As BILLION of people suggested, I started drinking water three times more than my capacity and it became habitual in my daily life. But this more plunging water could not constitute towards decreasing the symptoms of the disease. Soon exactly after 2 years, in 2009 after I got married, kidney pain appeared again same as it happened in every month of June or in the summer season. I was diagnosed 2 stones in this time in both kidneys. It was the progressJ. Good perspective might be that size of both stones was not large and physicians quoted that they can be removed by excessive drinking of water. Trillions of people visiting my sick bed suggested to DRINK MORE WATER. To hell with it, I used to keep a jug of water for drinking. Feeling of thirst was considered as LIFE THREAT for me. None of the physicians and doctors can direct me how to avoid this kidney pain. Even I contacted with some homeopaths and herbal practitioners, but none could be able to stop this pain.

But, thanks to the Almighty; after 2009 till today, I didn’t get back this God gifted pain. I explored myself how to avoid the kidney pain. I can say with open-chest that no need to drinking more than normal allowed quantity of water. How? I can tell you. Listen me carefully.

Whatever I did I tell you. Exactly after 2 months of pain, I was wondering that “how much one can drink water”. It is enough! I switch on air conditioner and went to the kitchen, took a handful jug of local drink called “KACHI LAASI” and drank in pauses. Soon after, I entered the cool room of AC and stayed there till I feel urination then I went to washroom for pee. That’s all I have done it!

So if this method can be used 2-3 times in a week, then I hope that kidney pain can be totally avoided. But, more you stay in cool or AC room after drinking excessive water, more you will avoid this cruel pain. Because cool environment of AC could possible stop unnecessary sweating. I know that different patients with different disease levels and stone formation are different, so this method may not be helpful for all. But let’s try it, it doesn’t cost you anything. Sweating is good for health but not for kidney patients especially for those who observed pain during summer. After this hydro-therapy normal patterns of drinking water can be adopted.

Simple reason is that such patients lose body water through profuse sweating especially through legs which remain covered. So excessive drinking of water goes waste. Here my tricky method can be used in order to avoid unnecessary sweating so that kidneys can produce more urine and filter themselves. That’s all. So my suggestion to all such patients who are suffering from kidney pain, can somehow avoid it through this method.


May Almighty keep all you healthy always!

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Trillion People Suggested Drinking Excessive Water

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