It's Called Work Because You Work

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Where I work, although my position is not fascinating, the things I witness day in and day out are. As a school secretary for a large elementary school serving at-risk youth in downtown Phoenix I see things I sometimes can't believe. Some are funny, some are maddening, some are heart-breaking. In the time I have worked here I have often thought about writing some of these stories.

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



Today is pretty mellow so far, for a Monday. But I arrive at nine o'clock and I heard there was some melodrama in the early mornign. Three of the usual suspects were waiting in the office when I arrived. All 5th graders, one girl, Lila, I have always had a soft spot for. She is so sweet and very smart but she does get in to trouble. Not as often as her peers but I will see her in the office from time to time. On her last birthday her mom came in to pick up her and her brother and sister. Mom was crying and it was Lila's birthday. Mom was telling the kids that this was the last day she was seeing them before their aunt was to get custody, and any future visits would be supervised. This mom who doesn't seem to deserve her beautiful, intelligent children, couldn't seem to stay clean. The other two girls up here I am never surprised to see. I wish they could get it together. One was Felicia, a very pretty Hispanic girl who can be sweet but is one of the many children who have shown me how manipulative they can be. I can talk to her and she will be immensely sweet, then I hear she called another class mate a porch monkey. Her aunt, Madison, who is in the same grade as she was also up here. Madison dresses like a butch lesbian and is so hateful. I have never seen that girl be nice. I don't even know how to begin getting through to a child like that. I wish I did. I don't want these kids to reach the point where they are un-redeemable. I kind of think some people reach a point by adult hood that they are who they are going to be and if not enough positive people and events have intervened, unfortunately who they are going to be is a shit head. None of these kids at this school are at that point yet in my opinion, except maybe one. But the people who are raising them are and it makes me fear for their future.

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