Sooner or Later by Renee

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If you've ever been the other woman you could relate to these words. I wasn't at that time I wrote this but reminiscent feelings helped me write this. I heard the phrase, "Sooner or later" while watching a film about a duplicitous man. This poem came from that. Coincidentally, it is one of my few poems about bloodshed and I got a paper cut while writing it so there is blood smeared on the original draft. I gotta admit, it makes it look kinda cool.

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



He'll call.

I know it.

Sooner or later.

Unless he's with her.

Man, I hate her.


I hate her smile.

Her meek, mild voice.

Her hair.

Her walk.

How she was his choice.


Perhaps death would become her,

if no morals I possessed.

If she only knew

it was me

this afternoon

he undressed.


Whose heart could be broken more?

The wife or the mistress?

What man who deserved our love

could put us through distress?


So who is it really

whose morals are lacking?

Who is the man

that two women are attacking?


Whose bloodshed is just?

Whose death is divine?

For he is no longer hers.

And no longer mine.



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