A Childhood Forgotten

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I guess you can't be a kid forever...

Princess Candy stared out at war beyond the horizon.  “Don’t go,” she suggested.

“You know I don’t have a choice.”  Princess Olivia said somberly.  Her armor shone dully in the morning light. 

“Do you promise to come back?  I know Rag and Turtle Shell will miss you.”

“Of course I’ll be back.”  She winked and then strode towards the carriage waiting just outside the castle walls.  Rag bowed his head as she passed but the reckless grin stitched onto his lips robbed the gesture of its formality.

“Bye, Rag,” Princess Olivia said and curtsied.

“I’ll see you once you return Princess.”  He replied then placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand.  Rag never said good-bye, only hello.  It’s what made him the best hero in the Kingdom. 


Adventures couldn’t be the same without Princess Olivia.  Big Growl had nobody to capture and Rag didn’t have a Princess to save.  Turtle Shell struggled to plait Princess Candy’s hair and the bird nest braids came loose and fell into her eyes too often.  With a sigh Rag dropped beside Princess Candy in the fort he had made.  His black button eyes were stoic.


“I’m home!”  Princess Olivia’s voice echoed throughout the Kingdom.  Although Rag was eager to see Princess Olivia he trailed behind allowing Princess Candy to embrace her sister first.

“Hello,” Rag greeted.  He clutched a single paper lily in his cotton soft hand.

“Oh, Rag, it’s beautiful.”  Princess Olivia breathed and tucked it into her hair. 

Once inside the castle Princess Olivia told them all about the adventures beyond the Kingdom.  There were magic boards and wise wizards and wicked witches that taught them all kinds of odd things.  She whispered secrets about the Lords and Ladies she’d met and the warriors that upheld the spirit of the people.  And although the night drew near, Princess Olivia and Rag didn’t tire and sailed across Lava Lake on Turtle Shell’s back to rescue Princess Candy from the villainous clutches of Big Growl.  When the stars awoke Princess Candy, Rag, Turtle Shell and Princess Olivia had completed another thrilling adventure.


The next morning Princess Olivia ventured beyond the Kingdom and returned just as she had the first day with new stories.  Soon time without Princess Olivia stretched like the distance between lost baby teeth and the waiting seemed to be edging towards eternity. 

“Where could she be?”  Turtle Shell said one day.

“We need to find her.”  Rag said.  Princess Candy chewed her lips nervously.

“She will be back.  She always comes back.”

Rag began pacing.  “What if it’s happening?  You know, a Princess who leaves her Kingdom too often loses it and disappears.” 

“He’s right!”  Turtle Shell exclaimed.  “She announces when she arrives.  It’s been days since she has.  What if she’s here but she’s just disappeared?”

“That’s crazy.”  Princess Candy said.  “Let’s go find her right now.” 


And so Princess Candy, Rag and Turtle Shell set off to find Princess Olivia. 


As they ventured deeper into the Kingdom, Rag kept glancing down at the purple heart sewn into his shirt.  ‘Princess Olivia’ was embodied into it.  He was hers for as long as he could remember.  From inside the gates of the Castle of the Lost, Princess Olivia’s voice echoed.  Wasting not a second more they stormed the gates and rushed into the ghostly castle ruins.


“Candice, what are you doing in my room?”  Olivia asked.  “Argh, and did you have to bring all those toys in here with you?”

Turtle Shell’s flipper felt cold in her hand and Rag went limp against her side.

“What are you talking about?  You need to get back to the castle!  Lava Lake’s going to over flow and then you’ll disappear.”  Candice explained in a rush.  Olivia gave her a weird look.

“Candy I can’t play right now.  I'm going out.”  Olivia said.

“But you go out with Rag…and Turtle Shell.”  Candice said confused.

“I’m going out with a real boy.”

“Rag is a real boy.”  She insisted and Olivia laughed.

“You’re so cute, Candy, but this isn’t Pinocchio.  Rag is a rag doll.  I think I can do better than that don’t you?”  Princess Candy felt Rag’s heart rip apart and all its stitches become undone.


“Go play in your room, Candice.  I don’t have time for dolls anymore.” 


Princess Candy left the Castle of the Lost, feeling dazed.  Rag and Turtle Shell didn’t speak the entire trip home.

“Princess Candy, who were you talking to back in the castle?”  Rag asked quietly. 

“There was nobody there besides us.”  Turtle Shell said.

“No one.  Princess Olivia wasn’t there,” Princess Candy said sadly.

“She disappeared didn’t she?”  Rag said.

“She disappeared.”  She said.  Rag stared down at the ripped remains of the heart that belonged to Princess Olivia feeling gutted.


“And so the war claims another childhood.”  He said hopelessly.


Submitted: August 14, 2014

© Copyright 2022 InCaylable. All rights reserved.

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I like stories that are sometimes a fairytale, to remind us the kid inside will always be there, reliving childhood. This is a nice story, got a Toy Story feel to it, bringing that childhood smile back to our lives. Gets a like from me.

Thu, August 14th, 2014 8:22pm


Thank you so much for reading. This was sort of me messing around so i'm super glad you liked it

Fri, August 15th, 2014 11:45am

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