The band.

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Have you ever wondered how it felt for you when you were born? If you could remember the event, how would you tell the story?

Submitted: October 07, 2015

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Submitted: October 07, 2015



The band.

Life is sweet. Really sweet. My cocoon is warm, my food is home delivered, I feel loved and I have every need careered for. Since I can remember, life has been sweet. This dark warm fortress is my home and will always be.

That’s what I was thinking until the walls began to close in.

When they did, I couldn’t breathe; my legs arms and face were bringing constricted. My home was trying to kill me. Or so I thought.  Just when I thought I would die, the walls relaxed, I could move again, breathe again. I was frightened, my heart rate rose a little. I started to breathe a little faster. What was that? I thought. What could possibly cause my home to reject me after all this time? The answer was coming. And come it did.

After a while I had relaxed a little. I thought my life would return to normal.  I would not have anticipated what would happen next or again and again thereafter. The walls squeezed me again, I was surrounded my tightness. I couldn’t breathe again; My heart was beating faster again. I thought I would die again. Why was my home doing this to me?

Little was I to know that my home was to do this to me again and again. It seemed that I would die in hear, That the place I had come to love was to be the end of me.

Again and again I was almost suffocated. Again and again I was let go and more and more often I was forced into a tighter and tighter home. My face soon became contorted. It felt as though I was being forced through a tube or a funnel. The roof of my home was squeezing my face, before intermittently, now constantly.

When was this to end?

Now the constriction had covered not only my face but my shoulders. It was getting harder and harder to breathe. I tried to kick out, pushing my foot down. Hoping somehow that would get me through to some air. So I could breathe again. Then my problems got worse.

The air, the thing that was keeping me alive, the thing that I sucked into my chest and then blowed back out again to stay awake began to fall away. I could feel it rushing past my face, sucking my hair down into the hole I would inevitably be sucked into myself.

I couldn’t breathe, I tried to suck in air, but I couldn’t. I pushed both my feet on the floor. I tried to push the walls away. The last of the air fell away. I thought I could go on no longer. I tried to scream, hoping someone would help me out of this airless cage but as soon as I opened my mouth to yell help me I’m stuck, mouth was covered by some kind of tight band.

By now I was terrified, all the time I was thinking that I would live in this haven forever. I had not considered that life was finite, that if I was to live here forever, that I would surly die hear.

I was about to lose consciousness when I felt something on both of my temples. Like many fingers were grabbing my head. I felt a cold breeze on my head and those fingers were holding my temples. The band was tight around my face but it had let my head go. It was moving down my head, down my face. The hand had let go of my head. The band snapped around my neck but it wasn’t chocking me, I could breathe again but it wasn’t the same, the air was thinner. I screamed and screamed, Help The hand had grabbed my head again and I wished it wouldn’t. I couldn’t open my eyes as before, they were glued shut. The band was turning on my neck. It was still moving down my body, it was now pushing my shoulders down. The hand pulled my very sore head down, and my shoulder slipped through the band which was then holed awkwardly around my neck and shoulder. But then it loosened, slipping round my other shoulder. Both of my arms fell above my head, the hand was still holding my head and now another giant hand grabbed my back. I was falling, I’d never fallen before. My legs fell down, I was still screaming but now I could hear it. Shrill, awful. I tried to open my eyes, there was light everywhere, it burned my eyes. Pain was everywhere and I wished that I was back in my home. I was cold, wet; I could barely lift my arms and legs. I hurt all over and there were giant hands holding my head and back tightly. They lifted me up and mumbled something I couldn’t hear over the noise. Another hand shoved a tube in my mouth which sucked the air out of me again and again, moving around my mouth, then to both of my nostrils. Something rough dry and warm was wrapped around my body and those giant hands let go of me, setting me down onto something warm, familiar….

I stopped screaming. I tried to pull myself together, maybe this person would take me home again, I opened my eyes, blinking the goop out of my eyes and saw a face, it was a beautiful face, smiling at me, talking in a language I couldn’t understand. But her voice was a sound I remembered hearing again and again at home, only this time it wasn’t as muffled, and clearer. She sounded like she was about to cry. But she was happy and I was no longer distraught, if I couldn’t go back home, at least I could stay with her.

Apparently this person is called mummy, there’s another person who sometimes hugs her and sleeps with her called daddy. Sometimes when I’m lying on my new floor I can see bigger people, smaller than mummy and daddy playing e=with bright and colourful objects and talking to me. I love all of these people.

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