With in Sin. A Gothic Tale. introduction.

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Gothic tale. Introduction.

Submitted: July 09, 2007

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Submitted: July 09, 2007






His one best friend has now led to its depths of in its only one of a unholy beast. He sits there staring in to the last of winds that his one lived friend in feed has now seeped to from in its last of breaths. The one thing he could had ever imagined that could or would set in, had set in; his thoughts from when he had once seeked for a feed from in his own beast.

His days of feed had now approached him, the approached that could have the only one explanation for the drops of blood that bring tears from out of his eyes. The days from when his parents were driven to the one and only cross for them selves. His father, his king, his conqueror and once a man to be with the one only being for a well known sin. A young boy as he now see's it, a child, a kid who had been raised with in its feed.

The feed and need for a ruling blood. Seeing his father being swept along the dirt's from on the ground that has held him in its winds. The wind that had him in terror, horror, and frenzy from in all his mornings from the voices and yells that would sweep up into his window. Telling him that his father had once again been in to the bloods of sin, a blood that once had life then in its sense has now been possessed on to him. The crowds of people that were in held of their steaks in flames, crosses in being swung back and forth in the air and the glass bottles filled with the holly water that had his father in its grips as he was dragged in to the flaming pit then stood in on the one sacred pin that held him their as it struck its flame in thru his heart. The flames as they sizzled in the water of holiness as they raised and sprung into his face; ending the one life that he has once had.

As he sits along the slightest of sought from in the grip he has in posses the image of his Mother begins to soak thru, a image that has once kept its self from being reached. His mother, a queen, the Madame, her darkness as been. The one women that had her sheds with in him, her once true being as it held in his grip. The once nurturing soul that had her inner being as him. A love that only his Father could have ever withstood. Her lips as they slipped away, being pulled out from the one early grave, his grip on his aunt Olivia as the crowds watched her being pulled from in.

The dirt as it became dust from of her back, the steaks that were being thrown on to her as they pinned her back down and leaving her there as the pit began a spill in sand. The waters of holiness being spilled onto her as it mixed in with the gas then her one final thought as the flames burst into a ball of smoke, leaving her their in her last of winds before Aunt Olivia dragged him away.

From in his beast all has been shed, his inner sorrow, a shadow from in his depths and now being passed onto his only one friend. It leaves him with a stare that could had only been match from before his beast, a once best friend, dug into his chest and licked up the blood from off a heart that has always been there.


A breath could mean end.

Until then the End.

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