when cupid struck

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About a man who wishes to live in his past memories than preent reality

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



The alarm went off and I woke up. It was bright sunday morning. It looked brighter to me. I felt very active that morning. I arranged all the scattered books on the shelves and clothes on the wardrobe. It was as if I expected that morning my whole life. I had good feel at heart. I wanted to forgive all the sinners in the world. It appeared all people are good that morning. My eyes were dreamy and glistening with expectation. I had a controlled smile sticking to my lips. Before leaving the room I turned back and felt satisfied and when I turned again, I found my mother standing at the entrance with hands on her hip obstructing the way with a suspicious look in her eyes.

âEvery Sunday I have to pray God to help me get you out of bed. You are very active today? â

âNo mom. Itâs justâ¦. I felt a bit dirty .Thats allâ. I entered the bathroom humming a film music and came out after 10 minutes. Then I stood in front of the mirror for a hair comb. It took 15minutes for me to get convinced of my head. Then I emptied half a tin of powder on my face and finally got dressed up after trying 3 to 4 sets of dresses. At last I sprayed half a bottle of perfume on my axilla, neck, abdomen, back and legs. I told my mother Im going for a jog in the beach and started moving.

Mom, âWhat? Are you going after a bath?â

But I already had made my move. My father was sitting on the easy chair with the newspaper wide spread across his face. He was watching and listening to me all the time. While crossing him, I stole a look and I saw him smiling to himself. My mind was so preoccupied with something else, that smile never reached my cortex to think about the reason behind it. I was pedaling my cycle busily. I was dreaming of the orange sky, yellow ball of sun, the blueâ¦.THUD. I came to reality and found myself on the road. I realized I hit an auto and he is abusing me in leud language. Not disheartened, I picked up myself and my cycle and started moving towards my destination. Wondering what on earth is happening in the beach? Its Victoria waiting for me there. Yes you are right. Iam in love. I reached the beach and found her sitting on a concrete bench. I approached her from behind and closed her eyes. Suddenly somebody gave a heavy pat on my back. I woke up. It was menaka.

âWhat do you want menaka?â I shouted at my wife trying to adjust myself over the easy chair.

âThe gas cylinder is over. Are you going to help me change it or not?â My wife yelled form the kitchen. I got up lazily& cursing her, changed the cylinder. I then picked up the newspaper and sat on the chair when my son came up from bathroom. I peeped out of the newspaper and observed him. He stood in front of the mirror and tried different hair styles one after another for 15 minutes. He then emptied half a tube of cream on his face and half tin of sprayer on his body. He then got dressed up, told my wife he was going to jim. And without waiting for reply he took the bike key and started moving. I know what is happenning to him. I pretended to read the newspaper, smiling to myself. While crossing me in the verandah, he stole a sight on and noted me smiling, but his mind was so preoccupied with something else, my smile disintegrated in his optic nerve and so did the reason behind it.

Suddenly the memory of my fatherâs smile flashed in my mind and now I understood the meaning it, after 25years. My smile progressed into a silent laughter. I closed my eyes and continued my dream from where I was disturbed. End.

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when cupid struck

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