For My Daddy

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A poem for my father, who always understood me better than my mother. We have a very special relationship and he will always be the man I trust first in life. This is for him, with all of my love. And yes, I cried when I wrote it.

Submitted: March 09, 2008

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Submitted: March 09, 2008



A father and daughter,
Dance at her wedding.
Their feet move as familiarly,
As they have all through the years on the carpet.
A girl and her dad,
Drive in his car,
And listen to obscure music,
As he reaches out for her hand.
A father and his little girl,
Race to the tree house.
He gently gives her a hammer,
And teaches her to be her own person.
A father and his daughter,
Sit across from her first boyfriend.
He gives a grim smile,
And looks at the beautiful young lady she has become.
You were all I ever wanted to be,
I learned all my life lessons from you,
You made me who I am.
Your coffee-stained teeth form the best smile,
Your blue eyes that I didn’t inherit,
Glow with laughter and love.
You held me close when I cried,
You protected me when I felt weak,
And you only yelled because you loved me.
You taught me to say my prayers,
And to stand up for what I believe in.
You taught me to be strong.
You never cared that I was a girl,
You just held me that much closer,
And opened up your heart.
You make the best meatloaf in the world,
And you’ll always be my Billy Joel buddy,
Even if you say I look like a prettier Anne Hathaway.
I know you made mistakes that you’re not proud of,
But those mistakes taught what not to do,
And helped me forge my own path.
You’re my biggest role model,
And I know you understand me,
Like no one can.
I know you wish you were a better father,
But you were the best there could be,
To me.
And I hope you know
That when I think of you I smile,
That I will always feel your rough hand on mine,
And whenever I meet a man I compare him to you,
My daddy.

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