Thoughts on Life

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This just kind of came to me piece by piece and I finally wrote it all down.

Submitted: April 25, 2009

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Submitted: April 25, 2009



I sometimes find life a difficult thing to think about. The fact that we are only here once. The fact if one thing in our ancestors past didnât happen we wouldn't here. And with that I believe I am truly lucky and blessed to be placed on this earth by god, or whoever watches over us and makes things always turn out okay in the grand scheme of things. I am not afraid of the future, because I know that life is a learning experience and with every turn life takes you on you simply become a wiser being on this earth. I know that whatever will happen, will happen. So I'm not going to get in its way. I'm going to simply live life fully because really what else can you do? Our life is ours only, truly only we can make decisions for ourselves. We can choose what our body's do, though there might be consequences. It is amazing how only we are we and no other person can be you. Every person has a mind, so different from each other's, but at the same time they are exactly the same. It is sometimes difficult to comprehend how every person thinks just the same as me. How no one can know what exactly is running through your head, except you. I believe that every living animal and being has a mind and thinks just the same as you and me. That is an amazing thing. I think of others, and then I think of true equality. True humanity. I want you to make the most of your learning experience on earth. Take in all you can. Don't be afraid of. anything. Everything on earth works perfectly. Everything in the universe works perfectly. So don't be afraid, because everything is working perfectly. Even your worse days have a purpose. Keep your chin up. Live to your full potential. Do great things with your life. And most of all be sure to have purpose in your life.

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