Twilight. A so-so book.

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Im so sorry to those who love twilight. (I was once there) BUT TWILIGHT KINDA SUCKS!

Submitted: May 06, 2009

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Submitted: May 06, 2009



Okay, so when i first read Twilight. (Before it got popular) I was obsessed like the other majority of people who read Twilight. I read it again and suddenly the book seemed very idealistic and unmoral. I didn't find the book to be worthy of obsessing over anymore. I'd like to point these things out.

It doesn't show good Moral Behavior. For instance if a character in a book performs behavior that is not good, then they usually pay for it in one way or another later in the book. In Twilight it doesn't do that at all. Here are some examples...

A. Bella Whines constantly in the book yet she gets The Guy, The Money, The Loving family ect. In life it does not happen this way. We whine we Lose. Which is not demonstrated very well in Twilight. Since the target audience is teens, (whom are already whiners) it demonstrates to them to whine more and get more. That doesn't make sense. Must I go on?

B. It also shows that cheating on your boyfriend is okay and easily forgivable. Which it isn't. When Bella messes around with Jacob, Edward doesn't take it very hard. Which I find really weird, because usually when you cheat on someone and they find out... the relationship is over, or really stirred up. Yet Edward took it so calmly.... C. Edward is perfect. People have flaws! That is what makes them who they are. Edward is perfect, Beautiful, and everything a person could want. That is what so WRONG! Bella looks at Edward like he is a god or something. True soul mates should see themselves as equals. Bella is going through the series trying to please Edward. She can't go to La Push, She can't do certain things. She is a Adult for most of the series, and Edward has her under his thumb. How Pitiful.

D. This one is out of the Moral area and more in the quality of writing. I've never heard a teenager articulate such a large vocabulary while speaking as Bella and Edward do. Edward is one thing because of time period. But Bella.... People do not speak like that! Yes it makes the book look fancy and all of that, but PEOPLE DO NOT SPEAK THAT WAY.

Okay That is why I do not like the book. I do like somethings about the book too. Stephanie Meyer writes things very clearly and makes them easy to read and understand. That I really like there are some books I cannot get into because of the complexity of the writing.

Also reading Twilight makes you feel good because of the perfectness of Bella and Edward's love. How everything works out just so and all of that. And how wonderful Edward is to Bella, the normal Human who some how ends up in the arms of a glorious vampire. The thought of the possibility that we may some how find this perfect being waiting for us in the overcast shadows of Forks WA. The whole soap Opera thing with Jacob drags us in even further...

Im done...I just have one more thing to say. FORKS IS BORING! I spend a lot of time in a town very close to forks (I live In Washington!) and there is nothing special there! I promise there are no vampires lurking in forks! So spend your free airline tickets on something freakin else like Arizona, or New Mexico. (It is warm and dry there) But if you do find yourself in the area go to SEATTLE! SEATTLE is FUN! or if you are in Port Angeles go to VICTORIA! VICTORIA is FUN! Yep so Im done now. Im goin to bed now!

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Twilight.  A so-so book.

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