Too Much, Too Soon

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A young woman experiences love for the first time in her life but unfortunately her past keeps coming back to haunt her in her new relationship.
The pattern of abuse never stops if one does not change themselves.

Submitted: May 14, 2012

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Submitted: May 14, 2012



Too much, too soon - by Indigochild

One, two and three.  I could only see a blurry vision of him standing above me. The pain was starting to sink into the right hand side of my face as I curl on the kitchen floor. His voice was loud but I couldn't hear a word he was saying as I was crying so hard that my eyes were starting to swell. The sharp hit to my eye sockets then to my jaw left me in tears.

How did this end up like this? Where did the love go? How did we go from the joy to this pain and hurt we started inflicting onto each other? Was it too much; too soon?

The start

I am the daughter of man who was well respected in every way; a business man that took pride in his home, family and his job.  My father, Richard Downley was a very well-known business man who everyone knew on this side of town.  He was known for his ruthless, straight to the point and no nonsense tactics to sealing huge corporate deals and his rough manners. 

My mother was a demure lady that never questioned anything and always went about her way.  I never once say her say anything bad about my father or have an argument with him.  But then; I knew why that was the case.

Since I was 6 years old; I have been living with the knowledge that there were things happening in my parent’s bedroom that did not sound right.  There were often aggressive words being said by my father and crying from my mother. 

In the morning, I would see them at the breakfast table not speaking and acting like there was nothing wrong. But I knew, something was not right but I was only child, no one would believe or listen to me.

My mother would often come to my room and hug me for several minutes and then started to comb my hair humming my favourite song.  She would always say to me “Don’t ever let a man lay a hand on you”. I never understood what she meant.

As years went by; I noticed my body changing. There were lumps on my flat chest that was never there a year ago.  It looked like my mother’s chest only smaller.  I was starting to go through puberty.

On the day that I noticed this; I ran home excited to tell my mother.  When I approached the house; all I could hear were shouts and loud crying.  I could hear my dad screaming “Get it off, you stupid whore” and my mother crying out “No…not now…she will be home soon”. “Do you think I care! Take off your clothes; do as I tell you! You stupid, good for nothing whore!” The next few sounds stopped me from going further as I stood frozen outside the house.  I heard hitting, crying and glass being broken.  At this, I ran and ran.  I didn’t know where I was going.  I just ran.

To be continued……..

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