consequences by indigosky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

a girl is forced to face the consequences of her actions.

She felt as if someone has ripped her heart out of her chest. She could feel her stomach twisting into a tight coil. She felt as if she’d just stepped into the arctic. Her legs gave way as she collapsed on to the bathroom floor. Her eye filled with crystal tears, the tears streaked her brown creased tired face. She felt lost, betrayed and most importantly used. She had merely been played with like a doll that no longer had any value; a doll that was abandoned, left alone broken and torn beyond repair. Now she laid on the cold marble floor enveloped in darkness.

She was alone in solitary. She gathered the little strength she had and stood up. Through the little moon light that shone through the window, she could see her distorted reflection in the mirror. She was a mess but it didn’t matter to her, nothing seemed off enough importance now. She slowly reached for the crumpled paper and flattened out the wrinkles. Her red and swollen eyes were glued to those four words, “Result Pregnancy Test: Positive.” The harsh reality came crashing down on her and regret washed over her like the sea over the beach. Why had she dated him? There wasn’t anything special about him. He was just the average guy. Her parents were right about him. He wasn’t a good person. Why hadn’t she listened to them? Parents always knew what was right for their children that included her parents as well. All this time she though that she knew it all, that it would last forever. It all seemed so perfect at first but ended in a disaster.

It had all started like another typical day; she told her parents that she was going to her friend’s house for a project. She obviously couldn’t tell them the truth because they would never agree. They were too religious and close minded to allow her to have any fun or freedom. She was basically living in a five star prison and the only way to go out was to lie. At first she felt guilty like a criminal that had just broken out of prison but the more she lied the easier it became. All the words would just flow out of her mouth like running water. She didn’t have to think twice about what to say, it all came naturally. She had a double personality, one which was that of an innocent and obedient girl while the other was carefree and rebellious. But that day, she had arranged everything with perfection and there was no room for any flaws. That day had been exceptionally special. Her friend was going to introduce her to some of her other friends. Not knowing what to expect, she had left the house fully aware of the fact that her parents would never suspect anything. She had met up with her friend and that’s when she saw him. He was standing there looking around. He was tall and built and was wearing name brand clothes. He had a New York cap and was wearing a black hooded sweater with a red undershirt and baggy jeans. He had corn rolls had dark smooth skin with deep sparkling eyes. As he stood there every pair of feminine eyes turned and gazed upon his beautiful features. There was something about him that attracted her like a magnet and he seemed to notice the effect he had on her. And that’s when her friend introduced him to her. By the way he looked at her she could tell that something was going to happen between them. Just by the way he talked, she felt like they had a connection.

Soon after that day, they talked on the phone and were always together. Her parents knew about him and warned her to be careful. Not knowing that they were going out, she would basically tell her parents that she had to go meet him for school work. Her parents never suspected anything because of the way she acted around them. Her grades were high and everyone saw her as a good and obedient girl. None of relatives or family knew about the other life that she led behind their backs. When she would go meet him she was a totally different person. The more she spends time with him the closer she became to him. Just the look in his eyes made her go crazy, and made her want him more and more. She would do anything for him and would stay at his house past midnight. During this time, her parents had a fake illusion that she was at her best friend’s house, working really hard to keep up her excellent grades. They never bothered to call because they trusted her more then anything.
Then one day she arrived home extremely late. She acted weird and has mixed emotions. She didn’t know whether she should be happy or frightened that she might have committed the biggest mistake in her life. Loosing her virginity before marriage was an unforgivable sin in her religion and to her parents. But she decided not to worry since nothing could happen to her. That was something she only read about in books and saw in movies. She tired to assure herself but there was always that nagging feeling in the back of her mind. What if she was pregnant? What would she tell her parents? What would they do if they found out that he was black? And worst of all pregnant? She tired to block these questions that ran through her mind but with no success.

The next few days she didn’t want to see him and tried to ignore the unusual feeling that she felt. She pretended that everything was fine and that there was noting wrong with her. She didn’t want to talk to her friend and kept her feelings buried deep within her like a bomb that would explode if exposed. She decided to finally get tested and would tell her parents that she was at the library. She dreaded the result but she knew that she couldn’t run away from the truth anymore. When she got the paper, her big brown eyes filled with tears and she couldn’t read anymore. Her vision became blurry and the tears ran down her smooth brown skin. It seemed that the world sopped revolving and everything came crashing down on her. Her heart seemed to have stopped and she though she was going to faint. She couldn’t think straight. How could this happen to her? Her parents would consider her as a disgrace now. She didn’t know what to do but go and tell her boyfriend. As she left the hospital, her knees were trembling with disbelief. She couldn’t walk. It took her a great deal of strength for every step that she took but she managed to get there. She knocked on the door and he came out. Behind him there stood another girl. She wrapped her arms around his neck and was smiling. He tried to look innocent but she finally saw that truth. Now the little hope that she had was ripped away from her and heart shattered into millions of pieces. She didn’t know what do now as she left him. He tried to explain but she knew that whatever he said wouldn’t change anything. She was now alone and had no where to go for help except her parents. But she would rather choose death then tell them that she was pregnant. As she walked to her house she was nothing but a hollow shell and was dead on the inside.

She took the crumbled paper and decided to finally tell her parents. There was nothing else she could do. She wasn’t going let anything happen to the innocent infant that was inside her. It was her mistake and she had to suffer the consequences, whatever they might be. She washed her face with cold water to wash away all the tears that she had shed. Tomorrow her life was going to change. Nothing would be the same any more. She had to be strong and stand up to everything that might be thrown at her. And as she walked out, she promised that she was going to change everything around and restart on the right path.

Submitted: December 28, 2012

© Copyright 2022 indigosky. All rights reserved.

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I like it, your writing is good :)

Sun, January 20th, 2013 4:43pm


my writing is no way a good as yours. thanks for commenting, it give me the motivation to continue writing.

Sat, January 26th, 2013 2:29pm

Matthew D. Hay (Tangible Word)

Visceral, compelling :D I rather enjoyed reading this (:

Sat, January 26th, 2013 11:02pm


thank you. I really appreciate your comments.
it's comments like yours that keep me motivated to carry on writing. once again thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

Sat, January 26th, 2013 3:08pm


Very strong opening scene. The subject matter was well handled. You captured the grief of the character. And the end was very strong and realistic. Aside from a few spelling errors; this story was well done and was down to earth. Good job

Sat, January 26th, 2013 11:14pm


thank you for reading. I really appreciate that you took the time to read and comment. I will try and sort out the typos. thanks again!!!

Mon, January 28th, 2013 11:04am


I LOVED this!!! Lol! It was short and to the point, yet there was a lot of detail? XD AMAZING, I say:D This was very realistic! They relationships were very genuine.

GREAT job! :DD

I'm so glad I came by and read this:D

Sun, January 27th, 2013 4:14pm


thank you. i'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Mon, January 28th, 2013 11:05am

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