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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 22, 2018

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Submitted: July 22, 2018



I just wasted yet another check on magazine subscriptions.

Teen Vogue. People. In Style. Essence.

Those celebrity tips to get skinny and the plastic surgery ads.

 Look at those models so pretty, thin, and slim. 

I wish I could look just like them.

I want that attention and I want acceptance,

But, I can't beat my face, or snatch my waist, or look just like Beyoncé.

Am I still pretty? 

Do you people know what it's like to be attacked?

Bashed at? To feel ugly? 

Lightskin, young black woman.

They say my skin is the best skin because it's fair.

I don't believe that, yet I still get attacked. 

Thanks society and social media!

Truth is, whether my skin was chocolate, charcoal, fair; I'd be happy.

Why? Because I don't care. 

Look, this is tearing my people apart.

They don't know what they wanna accept as attractive or beautiful.

"Bleach this.", "Press that.", "You need Double D's in the front and the back."

"Ok nevermind, you can keep the dark hair and curls, hour glass figure — No! I want you to be skinny as a stick." 

Oh my gosh! can you people just pick?

Look, this tearing me apart. 

Never will I let myself be cut open, stuffed, stripped, or tucked.

Just to take a look in the mirror, or ask society and social media:

"Am I pretty?"

No longer will I try to be accepted by those fakes.

This ice cream flavor wasn't meant for everyone to enjoy anyway. 

I will embrace my dark hair, brown eyed, full lipped, thick thighed, fair skinned appearance. 

They will not stop me from showing my definition of attractive or beautiful. 

I leave you with this.

Be fine with the skin your in, thick or slim, this ism, will never again make you question:

"Am I pretty?"

Because who cares what they think.

Your flaws are flawless.

Embrace it. Take it and face it. 

Never again my sisters will they make us feel like we are not attractive or beautiful. 

© Copyright 2020 IndigoYaj. All rights reserved.

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