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Here,I truly want to exhibit the wide contrast between the two perspects of life-hope and fate.We more or less hang on our hopes and desires,but ,the thing is that we wii bemeticulously gobbled up by the fate.Still we prefer hope to fate,as the tug of war continues................

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012






Hope, hope, hope

Till the sunshine dooms

Till the meadows  bloom

For the gods say so

Till the mountains break

So as the oceans  crave

Since Hope is the power

For those thousands to live



But ,there comes the mighty Fate

Whose mean smile mocks along

For He eavesdrops man’s plans

To  his utmost melancholy

Why does this happen

As a war between Hope and Fate?

For gods only reign the world;

Still they battle and broom

With those bareheaded men

Whence finally Fate awakes with flying colours


Strange,but true , still we ‘hope’

In our minds’court ,whence ‘fate’

Being the final jurisdiction

As the days pass by

Men go on to hear their final verdict.



As poor men say,’let  hope rule us’

For the years to come and years to go,

Since hopes are our dreams,

Improvised with immense bliss

Paid with due  respect;

But then our maker makes

Our way through the thorny fate.




But my mind reiterates the  dream,

Never will it go unfulfilled,

As the core of my heart obsessed

With  vibrant  coloursof Hope;

Even though Fate obstructs

Ways and miles to go,

Since I believe in Him

Whose mighty arms cradle me always,

Whose thunder words wipes my tears,

Whose crimson ears sense me over,

It is His omnipresence,

That rules the universe.

Even that very ‘mighty’ Fate

Who leans under His blossom feet

Truly decides the men’s fate…………..











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