The Consonance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
What if you knew what lies beneath our universe?

Submitted: May 12, 2014

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Submitted: May 12, 2014



Could he be possibly looking at me? No ways. I mean, look at him, damn cute. And I probably look like an old hag compared to him. I will be hitting 32 next Jan.  And I am still single. No kidding. Most of my friends are getting hooked these days. Marrying and getting pregnant. I am, by far and by large, no way near to even a crush. Forget about marriage. Not that I am thaaat bad looking or suck being committed to someone, you know. But things just did not work out. Yeah, so that’s me. A huge failure when it comes to anything Romantic!

But yes, there was someone I loved (still do actually). And no guy has ever come close to me, or understood me as he did. All this was a long time ago. Had met him through common friends. And the chemistry was crazy, right from the beginning. I remember, we both were in the party and still we weren’t. It started over when he came and said hi to me. I was never a big fan of these wild parties my friends threw back then. But I would still go, because it sucked being alone at the hostel. But I always carried a book with me, find a corner and would read away to glory. I know right! Can you possibly imagine anyone doing that thing? But I did that. And that eventful night, it was no different. I had a favorite spot. The sofa in the hall and the lamp adjacent to it.

“Why do you even bother to come when you miss out on all the fun”? Reya would ask me this everytime I came to the party with a book. Reya was the most popular girl in my college. And damn rich. Her parents actually bought an apartment for her in Bangalore so that she would not end up in a hostel like the rest of us, the mere mortals! And this girl, knew how to have fun! She would throw the most amazing (I had no clue, my hostel mates would tell me that later) parties. Though we are poles apart, we still stuck a cord. And yes, we were(and still are) best friends. It somehow gave me immense pleasure to be with her in the same surroundings you know. Not necessarily doing the same things ofcourse!

“So, are you just going to look at me or answer my question”?

 “Reya, I love your house. And esp. the sofa right there. You barely use it! So I am here, to utilize your resources to the fullest”.

 “That was most dumb thing I have heard so far this evening. Sigh, anyways, I got news for you. I am having a new guest tonight. His name is Stevens. He is my father’s business associate’s son and is in Bangalore for some work. So I need to give him some company.  And so…I did the most wisest and natural thing to do, invited him to this party!!! Awesome right?”

 “Yeah right. You are so resourceful …as always. But why are you telling me all this. Why should this even concern me?”

“Because it’s high time YOU start dating someone. Am telling you. He is totally your types. And I have known the guy for some time now! He’s great and he’s hot! “

“Yeah right, you date him then”!

“Look, you know I am not into this entire long distance thing and all. It’s so very platonic. Besides, I have a string of followers here. Why break so many hearts”??

“Gosh, you are such a brag. And you are already drunk!! Why do I have to tolerate you”?

 “ Because you are my best friend and I love you!!” Saying this she  gave me a huge hug and planted a kiss on my cheeks.

 “Yikes! Don’t do that. You know I hate all this mush”!

“ Ha Ha Ha! Growwww Upp, Will you? Ok now, off you go to your spot. And if you change your mind, come join us, allright? Steve must be on his way too”!

“ You are crazy and I DON’T CARE” I screamed after Reya as she made her way to the party where our other friends were already acting all crazy. They really were a crazy bunch but I still adored them. 

As I was getting comfortable I thought to myself about Stevens. I mean, why would  Reya have such a thought??  Some hot guy wanting to date me!!  Probably she just wanted to prank me. The guy was a moron and she would just set me up with him for the sheer pleasure of seeing me getting tortured. “Lol, Reya, I am not going to fall for the trap” I thought to myself and opened my book. Now where was I? Hmm, chapter 28…What if Reya was not kidding and was really serious about this guy? Indu, stop talking to yourself will you? Read the book…and that was the moment I heard a car stopping by in the porch. Could it be him? For some unknown reason I had a fast heart beat. Stop this nonsense immediately now, I told myself and try to read through. I was reasonably failing though! Big time! I had this uncontrollable urge to peep out the window and see is it’s actually him. And I did just that. I saw a guy getting out of the car, dressed casually in a grey sweater and blue jeans. Could make out he was tall, but could not make out his face. I leaned closer and darn! He turned and looked straight at the direction where I was…err…sort of checking out on him! Pathetic!!! Why do I have to be such a moron? I quickly turned and got back to where I was, hoping that he had not seen me! “Serves you right” I thought to myself. Now lets just hope he is not the guy and he did not see you! My wishes where dashed when I heard the door bell ring. Reya rushed in to open the door, smiling at me while she was at it. And I just hoped this evening would not turn into any more disasterous! Relax, I told to myself. He will not be interested in you anyways.

“Hey Steve! I am so glad you made it”! I could hear Reya’s extra decibel voice greeting him excitedly and warmly! But I could not her what he said to her in return. The music was to be blamed.  Indu, first you spy on the guy and now you eavesdrop on their conversation? Way to go!” I had this inner me pointing it out to me in a very straight forward way and I was feeling terribly guilty about the whole thing.

“Just relax, this whole thing will be a passe soon! He will join the others at the party “ you will not even exist for him” my sensible side argued.

“By the way Steve, meet Indrani, she’s my best friend and a terrible bore! She comes to the most happening party and decides to read some boring book! Do you think you could change that??”

Yes, that was Reya. And I could have happily strangled her that moment if I was not completely mesmerized by the guy who I could now see so clearly. Around 6 feet tall, lean, with a mop of brownish-blackish hair and intense grey eyes. You know the ones, wherein you could just get lost forever? Those kinds.

“Hi!” he said.

“Hi, welcome to Bangalore, and I hope you have a great time here”. I was surprised that I found my voice. He had completely taken me aback. I hope my face was not showing what I was feeling right then. “Thanks, so, are you not joining us”?

 “ No, I am …err…I have this very interesting book with me which I want to finish, and…I will be here.” I could Reya frantically nodding her head and pleading me to join them but I just choose to ignore her. I could not be infront of this amazingly good looking guy right now after he saw me spying on him in the most stupidest way. I was way better off here.

 “That’s a shame. All right, as you wish. Bye” and he looked at Reya and said” Lets go get this party started!” Reya smiled at him and followed him to the hall, while making faces at me.

I slumped back to the sofa. I was not even sure if I wanted to stay back at the house at this point of time. Its not like I always react like this with good looking guys around me. I mean, come on! I am not that lame. Most of the times, they don’t have an effect on me. I just had one crush in school and that’s it. I guess I set my expectations too high all the time and end up being judgemental about people. But there’s something about this guy which kind of unnerved me. It was like a bolt from the blue. And it disturbed me. Because I am never like this. I definitely wanted to go back to hostel. I needed some peace and quiet get back to normalcy. I contemplated calling Reya after sometime and tell her so. Poor thing, I don’t want to a pain in the all the wrong places for her when she was having such a good time.

I tried to go back to reading but it was just not the same. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not read. Sometime passed, and I got up to tell Reya I was leaving. And I think I silently prayed that I do not meet Steve.

 “Going somewhere”?

It was him. I decided God was determined not to listen to me tonight.

 “Oh Yes…erm…I was leaving. I just don’t feel that well, so I have to go back to the hostel”.

“Oh are you allright? Maybe this place is suffocating you. Would you like to go outside, for a walk or something”? Oh no. Is this a set up by Reya? She is in big trouble for all this.

“ Erm, no! You should go back to the party Steve. I am fine. It’s just a block away from this place and I will walk it. I will tell Reya and leave”.

“I don’t enjoy parties like these at all. And I usually turn them down”.

“ Oh really? Then why are u here today” I shot back. It came out as a sarcasm. And I immediately regretted. But there was a twinkle in his eye and he smiled mysteriously. As if I amused him or something.

 “ I just had a gut instinct about this one. And I thought, I can really meet someone interesting tonight. And I am glad am not wrong”.

I don’t know if this was blushing. I felt my cheeks gone all hot and was finding it difficult to look at him. If this was blushing, then I was seriously blushing. And was getting all upset over it simultaneously. Why was I behaving like this?

“By the way, were you checking me out while I just got here”?

He asked me playfully. Okay that’s it . I will just have to leave now.

“ Yes, erm, I thought it was someone I knew and…erm…yeah…I did not mean to…look am sorry if it was creepy. But I…can I leave now, I really do not feel well. I will say goodnight to my friends now. See you around Steve. Bye. Have fun”.

“ Wait, Hey, Listen, I did not want to embarrass you or something. I found that rather funny. And never mind that. It’s all right. It’s all right if you want to leave. I do hope I can meet you sometime sooner. Bye”. And he was gone. I breathed easy this time and realized, I was almost holding my breath.

I had difficulty in falling asleep that night. My mind was clouded by his thoughts. It was not just his looks, but it was this whole aura about him which attracted me to him. His mischievous smile. The way he carried himself, the way he dressed. I felt like knowing him more as a person and had a feeling, he would be great company. I act so stuck up at times.  He wanted to walk me to my hostel. And I just refused. “Serves you right” my inner critic pointed out to me. Yes…probably…and I guess that was the last thought before I dozed off to sleep.

“You lucky girl, how did you manage this? Even though you acted up like a complete moron he actually asked me about you. Wake upp nowww!!! Get dressed! You are going to a date! Finally!”

It took me sometime to realize what was Reya blaberring about. I mean which one of us actually feel so energetic and fresh when they wake up? Maybe Steve does. Hmm…What? Did she mention a date??? “What are you talking about?? Are you serious?? He actually did?

 “ Of course you know what exactly I am talking about! And I know you liked him like crazy! Why were you acting up so funny, then huh? Cant you let go of your stupid ego for once?”

Now you see why I love Reya. Even because she is so crazy, she understands me completely. Without a doubt. I suddenly felt so sad about this whole thing now. Why was I like this?

“Hey sweetie, are you allright? Hey listen, I know all this can be a little overwhelming for you. But take it easy allright? He is a great guy and you will be just fine. Just go out with him and see. Not too difficult right? I will help you choose a dress. Or just borrow mine if you don’t want to buy”!

 And she gives me this “ I will be there for you” hug. She can just brighten up my day. I hugged her back and was secretly thanking god for giving me such a wonderful person as a friend.

And now I was nervous, happy, excited, overwhelmed, all at the same time. I was actually out on a date with the guy I fell for so hard. And for some crazy reason, he wanted to meet me too. Seems interested as knowing me as person. There were hundreds of questions in my mind. Because I think not twice, but 10 times before I take a leap. And this was a major, big leap I had taken. I just hope I am not making a mistake. “ No, you are not making a mistake. And thank you very much for coming to meet me”. Crap, I had said that aloud, and he was here all the time and I didn’t even notice. He was wearing a denim shirt over a white tee which he casually kept unbuttoned and chocolate brown pants. Couldn’t help noticing that the girls in the coffee shop was actually checking him out. Surprisinly , I was in control today. And was not behaving like a love stuck teenaged girl. I guess, I had found my comfort zone around him.

“Hi Steve! I am happy we are doing this too.”

I said with a genuine smile on a face. He took the chair adjoining to me and while he did that, I heard him humming a tune of my favourite band.  I just smiled to myself.

“ Mind sharing the joke with me, M’aam?”

“ No nothing much, erm, I just happen to like that song too”. “

 I know…” “ You do? But how? I haven’t told you anything about my choice of music?”

“ Hah! Haven’t you heard? Great minds think alike”? And thus begun my association with Stevens, the guy I madly fell in love with. Our first date lasted for crazy long, and so did all our dates. We begin to discover about each other. And it was never enough. I felt like I knew him so well and yet, I did not know anything at all. He was an engineer, and he loved creating things. He was passionate about science fiction and once he started to talk about it, there was no stopping him on. He explored crazy theories and sometimes, he would be completely lost in them and I could never reach him until he decided to show up again. Whenever I asked him he would just smile his mysterious smile and tell me he will take me there someday. When the time is right. He was always interested in what I am doing and he stayed with me through the numerous ups and downs I had in my life. The distance between us sucked though. He was not from around here and he had to go back once his job here was done. We maintained an online relationship and decided to take it up to the next level, when the problem started. The next thing might sound outsourced straight from a Bollywood movie, but it actually happened to me. My dad had severe problems with our relationship and no amount of persuasion could actually persuade him about us. Steve made numerous trips to India, but my dad was adamant. He could not let his darling daughter to be with someone who is so “different” from us in every aspect. Things turned pretty bad at home, and I could see this effecting Steve. He had immense respect for my parents, and he did not like the fact that his ethnicity was a hindrance in our relationship. My dad never relented and he said his decision about Steve and me was final. Nothing can change this mind. I remember the last time I spoke to Steve after that.

“Indu, you know you are my princess right? you have to believe in me. I love you and I will never let you down. Just keep the faith and wait for me.”

These were his last words to me. And after that phone call, I never heard from him again. He had just disappeared. Not even his family could trace him. I was distraught. Then angry. Then helpless. Then hopeful that he will turn up someday. And then, something inside me just died. I could never fall in love the way I loved him. It’s been years now, and I still wait for phone call, or a message….something to let me know that he is still around…..I was keeping the faith…

“You know we live in the same building at and we never talked! Hi! How you doing”?

The voice just jolted me back to the reality. Gosh, I have been standing here forever balcony thinking about Steve and me! And time just flew! And I was  wondering if this guy was looking at me too when my train of thoughts started its journey. And he is right here in front of me now!

“Erm, Hi! Yes, I have seen you around…My name’s Indrani, and you are”?

“I am Subhamoy. Nice to meet you! You know, you were actually looking at my direction for a real long time and I wanted to know why. Do I remind of something/someone who want to talk about?”

 I looked at him closely. He was around 6 feet tall, black brown hair, lean. And a mysterious smile at the corner of his lips.

 “ Erm…well, I was just…you know..yes, I was thinking of something…someone”.

“ Well then, I would love to hear about it. Would you like to come over my place for a cuppa”?

I was automatically going to say no, when I noticed the sweater he was wearing. It looked vaguely familiar. I looked up at his face again. There was something familiar about him. His demeanour. His easiness.

 “Hey come on, I don’t really bite you know, come over to my place for a while.”

 I thought about his proposal and decided I had nothing to lose. I would be on my own anyways, might as well use some company. Besides, I really wanted to get to know him better. So I walk into his apartment. I had a feeling of déjà vu this time. Something about this guy definitely intrigued me. And I was determined to find out what it was.

We entered his apartment, my heart beating loudly. When he closed the door on us, I felt, he closed the door at the world. His apartment was a world of our own and there isn’t anyone around us inhabiting this world. Just me and him.

“ I will be back in a second, why don’t you make yourself comfortable, and feel free to look around” he smiled mysteriously and disappeared in the adjoining room. He had a huge collection of books. Mostly related to engineering, music and….science fiction. There was something else that caught my eye. A greeting card. And this was not any greeting card. This was a card I had made for Steve. What did this get here???? There was a photo frame. And no points for guessing who’s picture was in there. My head was spinning. All this doesn’t make any sense. And that’s when I realized what I have been missing all this time. All the books in the shelves had only with only one topic in common. Parallel universes. With my shaking hands, I took a book and open and read the first line “A parallel universe or alternative reality is a hypothetical or fictional self-contained separate reality coexisting with one's own. A specific group of parallel ...” I could not read no more. I felt weak and my knees were buckling and I felt if I made a mistake coming over to this apartment. It was precisely that moment when I felt someone holding me and preventing my fall and whispering in my ears “No princess, you aren’t making any mistake. I am glad you kept the faith in me and nothing can stop us now.”

 I turned around to see who it was, and all I could see is a pair of eyes, black this time, but with the same intensity which I had seen  many years back at my best friend’s living room.


© Copyright 2020 Indrani. All rights reserved.

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