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Submitted: June 12, 2014

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Submitted: June 12, 2014



Dileep and i skipped the morning assembly for tiffin raid.he opened the yellow plastic Tiffin, its bread and jam so he shutting the tiffin. Dileep and I move to next desk.
Forget it,Dileep.The class will be back any time,i said.
I've brought idlis, we can share that. It's wrong to steal from others.
but  dileep continue  to open the round steel tiffin box  its not opened. Neither  of us had sharp nails to open the thin lid.
Forget,it I said, Dileep returned the steel box to the student's bag. His eyes darted from one bag to other. This one,he said,pointing to blue bag.That bag look's expensive.She must getting good food,come.
We rushed to the pointed bench.he unziped the front flap and found green, shiny, square Tiffin. It has two compartments. the above has puri-potato and other one has two chocolates.
I took brown paper covered notebook from her bag. He read out the label on the cover, K.PRAVALIKA 5 'A' SECTION, DR.C.L NAIDU L.F.P SCHOOL.
Dileep said “oh!  That k.pravalika"
She is short and fat girl; if she eats these chocolates she will be fatter. So i will eat one of these.
Why don't u get your own Tiffin? I said.
He tells me, it will mean extra work for mother she is working as a daily wager. He kept the bag back in its original position.
Let's go I said. We ran to our back row seats, sat and put our heads down on the desk. We closed our eyes and pretended to be sick the reason for skipping for the morning assembly.
The entire 5 'A' section entered the room, filling the class with 50 students.
ANJLI madam, our class teacher, arrived a minute later and noise died down."ARITHEMATIC CALCULATION" She wrote on the board, even as the students were still settling down.
"Have u all done the homework" she asked.
Sai Mahesh, my friend he didn't complete his work daily stood up and faced the teacher with smile on his face. Teacher scolded him then he hung his head low. She smacked the back of his neck. "Get out of my class!"
She makes him takeout his shirt and makes him kneel in front of classroom but he is still laughing.

Dileep, Mohan, srikanth and other two skipped the morning assembly to take the "GUAVAS" from the classroom backside. P.T sir came to know this and he make them to attend the assembly but sir don't know that their already taken the guavas from trees, and their pretended to act as sick when he reached our classroom.
Everything alright “Anjli “madam take up charge on two subjects Now social studies, She is teaching some thing but suddenly a  snake came into the classroom. Everyone make loud sounds “snake...Snake" Sai Mahesh went to office to call the P.T sir. When he arrived here the snake move to grass and we make sounds like buush buush and other sing song like naga raja naga raja buush buush.... P.T sir makes the snake to move hostel side and it move to somewhere.
VAIBHAV my classmate bring a plastic hammer. We were playingjustice game. I and Dileep came to court,
Sir, I am Ravi and I gave 1000/- to him (dileep).he is not giving sir, Mohan is my witness, order! Order! Mohan come to court. Mohan said that its true sir, then vaibhav ordered him to give it back. I went to join other game .I came to know that Vaibhav hit with hammer to someone. Firs-aid is give to the injure student.

"ELIZIBETH SULOCHANA" my classmate. She lost her ear ring in the play ground. We all search in the playground, her ring was not found. Her mother came to school and she slap on her cheek, it’s become reddish.
may be three days later i was suffering with fever,I went to hospital there i saw Elizibeth mother she is a head nurse,I remember the "previous incident"
she take a large injuction when she walked by, I stared at the floor,when she injuct,I clenched my fists,my fingers were greasy.she tookout a iodin dipped cotton and wiped at hand.I felt  i'm safe.
Day before yesterday our school staff conducted sports.I participate in kabhadi,running competition.

participants:-- siddu,jagadeesh,srikanth,dileep,mohan,sai mahesh,vaibhav and me.
i ran fast as I can,srikanth infront of me,ok i will be second in a second i turn back siddu crossed me.

some moments I can't explain but I try my level best."school life is most important and rememberable"


My name is Ravisankar. I like learning computer and my hobbies are reading books, watching TV, listening music. I like teaching kids. My favorite colors pink and white. My best friends Rajesh and Lavanya. I like to help the others who are in need. My favorite person Swami Vivekananda. My aim to become a software engineer. My dream to become a great scientist.  My life ambition to serve the poor. My village “Donkalapartha” which is near to “palakonda.” I am studying diploma electrical and electronic engineering in polytechnic in Srikakulam.
  DEC 31
On 31st night I and my friend Tirupathi cut some flowers. We revolve round the village to see How the people celebrating the New Year. So many people design their floors colorfully .I enjoyed a lot with my friends. Different programmes are held by the village superiors like cake cutting, lighting of crackers, distribution of sweets and other cultural activities. .This day is most memorable day in my life. DAY COMES BUT HAPPINESS COME WHEN WE SELECT HAPPINESS FROM THE SITUATIONS WHICH ARE COMING IN YOUR WAY.
A beautiful incident:-
On November 2012.I went to temple near Gudem village at 4.30am.There I saw a beautiful girl revolving round the tree. I also started revolving. I wish to see her face so I revolve fast but she also revolving fast then me to complete the rounds .At the corner I crossed her and I saw her face. She was very beautiful and then I surprised to see her near to me. When i was revolving she is behind of me. She touches my hand then I forget the counting of rounds and I start uncounted rounds around the tree behind her. She completed the 108 rounds but I don’t know how many I did. She went to home.
I went to temple but she didn’t come there. I prayed the god to show her to me but I didn’t find her I went regularly but she didn’t come.

On November 2012 I went to temple daily. One day a girl ask me “Are u belongs to polytechnic." I said yes and first year. On someday I and My friend kurma Rao went to temple. On the way from the back I hear some one clapping and calling me as “pradasanalu”. I turned back they hid there .I went front and I saw back once two girls are laughing I remember one girl who ask me are u belongs to polytechnic (PREVIOUSDAY).
I didn’t show much interest so we went to temple. There i serve the food to people .she and her friends came there. And she came near to me and asks me what your name is? I replayed "Ravisankar” Another girl named me as "pradasanlu" while I am serving .Their ask me give us we will serve it. Ok I gave them. After that while I was going to room she and her friends coming back of us and talking about of me. When she crossed me I ask her what your name is. She said something I didn’t hear it. I ask her again once. She went to home at the end of the street she came again and said her name I can’t understand. Reach the room. In the afternoon I go there she again clapped and she is on the top of the house. She said my name is jaya. Every day morning she went to college on the way where our room located. When I saw her she laughed at me and said bye to me. Daily this thing was happening.
One day one of her friend asks me are you wanted to proposal to her. I said "vasthachavala."
In the evening their questioned me what is the meaning of that word. My friend explained it to them she scold me. I didn’t meet her for some days...After some day she ask me why you not talking with me. I gave my number to her she call me on that day.
ON next day she call on phone we two talk for some time and she said don’t gave this number to your friends. I said ok, bye. One some day she asks ABOUT all the details of me. so many missed call and phone calls and sms are travelled between us. One day she saw into my room what I was doing inside. At that time I went to Ragolu village. My friend jagadeesh told me she is waiting for you she looked into our room for you. On next day, I gave her a solar light which shows the name of Ravi and jaya .Every one said she is a bad girl and I also came to know her behavior is bad and way of talking with others on holiday she give missed call to me then I called her few days over. I STOPPED LIKING HER. After some day later my roommate Rajeshtold to my father .my father scolds me......
I leave her.
On Jan 1st:- I found my dream girl and her home I ask one sister (who is known to me) of Gudem village (who is friend of good girl) about her friend .Her name is Laxmi. My sister question me why u asking about her. I answered nothing. I went to my room with my friend Tirupathi.
 My friend Tirupathi also liking her, but I like her very much before when I revolve rounds the tree. My friend behavior is not good he already loved so many girls .After some day LATER He said I don’t want to love anyone. Then I feel so happy because he dropped loving her.
My sister (Krishna) said Laxmi allow her to tell her details to YOU .She stopped studying. At present she is working in Mixture factory. Ok bye sister I went to room.
On next day:
I receive phone call from her. She questioned me "when I ask her to tell me I love you". She asks me what is meant by love i said "okarini okaru ardham chasukoni manali manam marchukovadam" then she said excellent and she reply that i love you i felt so happy.
On Feb 14th:-
She gave a gift to me. I told my sister. I want to talk with her. I gave her a rose plant. At 12.30 PM I received phone call she call me and she said Pls come to your sister home I went there in right side corner of my sister home their are waiting for me. I went there. Sister said "you ask me to talk with her" She Arrange it. My sister went to other side. There I and Laxmi only there.  I don’t know what I have to speak with her.
I just hugged her and she also hugs me close. We two are therein same position for half an hour .She told her details .I kissed her on neck. She also kisses me on checks and I said Pls close your eyes .I kissed her on checks. She asked me how much time didn’t you hug me. I reply life long .I would like to stay like that. After a long time, my sister came there. I said ok, bye. I left there and reached the room .I called her on phone and said i was safe to reached the room because street along so many dogs .she said no dog bite another dog. Ok nice wolf, bye. The day was closed romantic.
Every day I received phone call from her. One day i send message like this "I want kiss will you give me". She reply ok .I will Gave you …………………………………………..

LOVE STORY ENDED LAXMI AND ME BREAK UP..........................



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