Deciphering Life

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Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011




The bridge was quite dilapidated. I could vividly hear the ripples of water beneath me…….so restless and uncharted. I could feel the eeriness blanketing me gradually. It was as if everything around me was desperate to warn me……… hold me back. I couldn’t help but smile. I knew my fate……..for I chose it that way. There was no going back and no matter what, I decided to be stubborn and selfish.


Life is a bitch………and the sooner you realize it the better it is for you. Treachery, misery, despair, deceit……how much can a man tolerate? The moon was staring at me that night, reflecting superiority. I kept on smiling. A failure I was, walking all alone in that abandoned bridge. Not a single soul to hear my throbbing heart crying…no one was there to console my rupture soul and I knew that no body would be there to bury my decaying corpse.

Strange it was, that these thoughts brought no pain. The agony was belittled in front of all those tribulations I underwent earlier. Was I supposed to lament on my failure...I had to smile again on that thought.

He never heard me crying. He never cared a bit about what I was going through. He laughed ruthlessly when I pleaded like a frail prisoner. He brutally insulted my feelings making my world shatter into a million pieces. He descended abhorrent judgments on my thoughts and those words of detestation brought thousands of tsunamis within me. It was as if I no more existed. It was as if I was a sinner and not a lover. It was as if I was a beggar begging from someone who never even turned back to see me raving and ranting. It was as if I………..I was invisible.

The feeling used to hurt like a thousand daggers stabbing me at the same time. But that night, I was immune to all those feelings. I was numb. I was lifeless.

Without a second thought, I quickened my pace with my right hand on my Fedora hat that shifted uncomfortably on my head. I reached the edge of the bridge and climbed the wall. I stiffened my body as I stood on the dangerous platform……my position in between life and death. I took off my hat and threw it with great force. After a couple of seconds I heard it land forming ripples more vigorously. That was when I realized what I was doing. Fear, apprehensions……..they just never built up.


As I was preparing to throw myself in the darkness, an unexpected but soft voice interrupted me.

“Oh…what’s wrong with the world these days? So much pain……..that’s why people choose death...It’s scary you know…… die like that,” he was drunk but his voice was composed. He was sitting a few meters away from me; his legs hanging from the wall of the bridge.

He sipped from the bottle of Champagne and then continued.

“You want some…...” he offered. I initially ignored and tried to concentrate on my undone task.

But he interrupted again, “Okay……you can continue. I can see the pain in your eyes. Such a young lady.......hey you must be of my age!” he exclaimed.

I stared at his heavenly visage. Something nudged my instincts but what........I didn’t know.

“Continue if you want to……it’s your life……hey, by the way are you dumb?” he questioned raising his eyebrows.

“You’re insane and please shut up,” I urged.

“Life is hard dearie………but its nonetheless precious,” he explained. It was like he had a sudden change in personality.

“Why don’t you teach that to kindergarten kids,” I advised mockingly.


“Ohh…….you’re a tough one. Okay, carry on. .............And, when you die please tell to God that this guy named Jake prays to you everyday but you never listen. Tell to Him that, he wants to live but You have planned to take away the most precious gift you’ve bestowed him with……….Life. Urge Him to give me back the life he is in process of taking away. Tell to Him that Jake wants to live. Tell to him that I deserve life………,” he requested.


I couldn’t help but blankly stare at him struggling to decipher what he meant. What was he thinking? Suddenly, he seemed to be weak and fragile.

With tears running down his cheeks, the stranger said, “Don’t destroy what you have. You have a life and no matter whatever pain you have…….you will get over it. Not everyone gets to live and if you are one of those lucky people, who are not fighting with death everyday, then pray to God that he has bestowed you with what you have. I am striving everyday with death and believe me it’s hard………..very hard indeed……..”

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