A Good Man

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Estella has fallen in love with the one who abused her.

Submitted: May 30, 2014

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Submitted: May 30, 2014



A good man


This play is dedicated to a friend of mine.




Estella: white complexion, dark eyes and hair, well-drawn small lips, white silky dress, shoeless.


Mr. Wilson: brown complexion, green eyes, black hair, black suit and shoes, green tie, golden watch, no ring.


David: a man.


Daniel: a man.


ACT 1:

Estella was sitting on a chair made of wood. Her hands and feet were chained with a white cord tainted with spots of blood. Her eyes and mouth were closed with pieces of cloth. All she could see was darkness. All she could hear was her beating heart and fast breathing. That twenty years old girl was sitting alone in an empty dark room. There were noting except a door, a table, two chairs and Estella.  Few minutes later, the door was opened slowly. The lights were lit. Three people entered the room: two officers and a man. The latter, in his thirties, with a cigarette in the mouth, was wearing a black elegant suit. Lieutenant 1 put the chair in front of Estella’s. Mr. Wilson, the man with the suit, stayed on the chair while looking at Estella’s face and shilling body. He put his cigarette on the edge of the table then he slowly took off the pieces of cloth from Estella’s face and smilingly looked at her.

Mr. Wilson: Mss. Estella, you seem to be a good girl. Why don’t you just tell us about everything? Honesty is needed. If you lie, you will die. So please be helpful, tell us the truth and you will be free.

Estella: I will say nothing Mr. Liar. Your promises are lies. You killed my sister though she gave you all the information you needed. You raped her savagely though she was pregnant. She lost her unborn twins. You burned house. (Her voice is becoming louder and louder). You are a curse on earth! A murderer! The Hell is greedily waiting for you to burn your rotten heart and flesh. You reek…

Mr. Wilson: SILENCE! There is no Hell. I’m hell here. I’m the one who can burn you. First I’ll burn your sweet wet lips because they utter inadequate words. Your sister was cooperative. Be like her and you will keep your life. Don’t forget that she committed suicide. We didn’t kill her. We never break a promise. Her suicide was her choice.

Estella: you pushed her to do so. You killed her twin. You burned her house; you kept an eye on her. You stole her freedom. She was a body without a soul. You ruined her life. I’ll never repeat my sister’s fault. If you want to kill me, go on, I’m ready for it.

The two officers were suppressing their laughter and excitement. Mr. Wilson was as stable as oil. Suddenly, he grabbed Estella’s chair, brought it between his legs and put his hand on Estella’s neck.

Mr. Wilson: Listen to me carefully my dear. Your courage and brave spirit aren’t going to help you now. You have to succumb to my own will. I own you. Do you think that I’ll kill you now? (He laughed wickedly.) You are a dreamer. How can I resist a girl in your beauty?  (He slowly moves his hands away to put them on Estella’s cheeks, lips, neck, breast…)

Estella: (Screamingly), don’t touch me with your filthy hands.

Mr. Wilson: I’m doing that, and I’ll do more. Keep on resisting me and I’ll keep on touching you roughly, savagely and mercilessly. The more you beg me, the more I fuck you hardly till you give up. Don’t forget Mss. Estella that these two men want to enjoy themselves too. They didn’t see a girl for more than six months. Be careful Mss. (The two lieutenants are excitingly looking at each other, as if they found an ox on a table in their utter hunger.)

Estella: (Brokenly) I will tell you what you want, but first you have to keep a distance between you and I. Don’t touch me again. Free my hands and feet, the cord is hurting me. Then I’ll tell you everything about Sarah and Louis.

Mr. Wilson: (laughing victoriously) here is my good girl.  I really don’t want to distort your white complexion or burn your delicate body with my cigarette. That’s why I was patient. Fortunately, you gave up earlier, so you will keep your beauty ma belle. (He looked at his officers) Sorry guys, you are not going to enjoy tonight, maybe you will have another chance. You can go. (Pause) one of you brings a cup of tea for Mss. Estella.

David: (brokenly) it’s ok Mr. Wilson.

Daniel: (the same tone) it’s ok Captain.

The two men went out hopelessly. Their wicked suppressed smiles faded away.

Estella: Please free me, the cord hurts.

Mr. Wilson: (while trying to free Estella from the tight cord, Mr. Wilson kept his eyes on the helpless girl. His wicked smile was obviously seen on his well-drawn colorless lips) there you are Mss. Estella, you are free now. We will wait for your tea because you are in your period; you need to drink something hot.

Estella: (her eyes were widely opened out of surprise; his words were totally unexpected) How do you know?

Mr. Wilson: I know everything about women my dear, everything. Your breath, nerves, anger, smell, sadness, skin… All of these tell me that you are in your period. You must be in your bed now drinking hot chocolate…

Estella: Stop it! Don’t you feel ashamed, these things concern women, and it’s none of your business. Just stop it. (She couldn’t hide her tears) why do you insist on making me suffer?

Mr. Wilson: I enjoy it. I enjoy seeing women suffer and sore, especially you. I cannot explain it. I reach my utter pleasure when I see your tears; maybe because I’m a sadist.

Estella: (screamingly) you are sick!

Mr. Wilson: yes I’m, and I enjoy my sickness, it’s the source of my happiness and satisfaction. I will not penalize or punish you for insulting me because I know that women are so moody in their periods.

Estella was speechless. All she needed was hope and courage. She had to escape from that door as soon as possible. While he was trying to put his hand on her lips, Estella had a quick look at the cigarette on the table. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she took it, and put it on Mr. Wilson’s hand. He tried to suppress his scream, but failed to hide his rage. Estella got up and moved towards the door that was guarded by four giant men.

Mr. Wilson: (his voice was full of anger) Stop her now! Bring her here again. Put her on the chair. Tie the cord tightly. Don’t bring tea. I and Mss. Estella have many things to say and to do. Leave us alone and close the door. Don’t open it whatever you hear. Someone wants to be punished here. (Estella was caught by the giant men. Hope is gone.)

 Act 2:

The same setting as in Act one, the same room and lights, the same table and chairs. Estella is tied in the chair. She was crying silently. Mr. Wilson is sitting on the table and putting a plaster on his hand. After finishing, he moved to his chair and sit in front of Estella.

Mr. Wilson: You know what Estella, women want to be forced to have sex. Actually they enjoy it, but only in their imagination.  Once their own dream comes true, they reject it. Why do they reject something they like? They do like it when men exercise power on them, I mean sexually, but when it happens, they call us rapists. (A long laughter) poor women, no one can understand what they want, but I do. Today, I’ll make you understand what the word man means. You left a mark on my hand, but I will leave a mark on your body and memory. You will never forget that. I’ll not kill you, but I’ll live to see you suffer day after the other. You are going to beg me to kill you, but I’ll keep on fucking you. If not me, it will be another man. Now I’m totally merciless and pitiless.

Estella: It seems that you know nothing about women. You are looking at them from your own perspective. You are a sadist, so you think that women like to be hurt. You think we enjoy painful and rough sex. You think we are sick just like you. You are totally wrong. It’s true that some women are sadists, but it’s a very small percentage. Why don’t you look for a sadist like you and leave me alone. (Her cries were gradually heard).

Mr. Wilson: This won’t make a difference even if you hate it. Contrarily, I’ll enjoy your rejection; I’ll exercise more power on you. I could have let you go if you behaved, but you wanted to play the role of the rebellious woman. Then I have to play the role of the dominant.

Estella: I’m not your submissive and I’ll never be.

Mr. Wilson: You shall be soon. So let’s make a deal. If you tell me where your brother, Louis, and Mr. Rodriguez’s daughter Sarah escaped, we may forgive you. In this case, I’ll keep you one month in my own house. No one will touch you except me, and you must succumb to my will. If you refuse to help us and insist on your role as a rebellious, you will never get out of this place. You will be mine for two weeks. You will experience all types of pain, and then I’ll offer you to those men outside the room. You are going to be their most precious gift. Imagine yourself naked in front of more than fifteen men…

Estella: (screaming and crying out loudly) Please! Stop it! Stop it!

Mr. Wilson: (determinately) ask my forgiveness.

Estella: What!

Mr. Wilson: Now

Estella: I’m… I’m sorry (pause) forgive me… please.

Mr. Wilson: (Wickedly) how wonderful it is to see you totally helpless and broken! I will not forgive you.

Estella: (she looks at his eyes) you are Lucifer himself.

Mr. Wilson: (arrogantly) thank you for praising me. Now you have to make a choice, one month with me or all your life with several giant monster-like men.

Estella: I’ll tell you everything.

Mr. Wilson: of course you will, but I want you to say it.

Estella: Why do you treat me this way?

Mr. Wilson: S-A-YI-T; Say it.

Estella: I want to spend one month with you.

Mr. Wilson: (he regained his wicked victorious smile) good job submissive. This is the way you must behave for one whole month. Then you will be free and no one will follow you. Just do what you are asked for. Now tell me everything you know about your brother and Sarah. (Estella was looking at the ground, saying nothing. Mr. Wilson came behind her chair and started removing her white dress. Estella was motionless). Don’t worry dear, I’m going to massage you neck and shoulders. Just relax and tell me. Don’t push me to do the worse.

Estella: (groaning and murmuring) I’ll be better if I’m dressed. I’ll be better if you stay away.

Mr. Wilson: (hissing) Do not groan; I’ll not be able to control myself. Of course I’m not going to take off your dress, I like it. I’m just massaging your shoulders and neck. (Estella didn’t utter any word) Ok, just tell me what I need. (He moved to his chair again while keeping his eyes on Estella). Now, tell me my dear.

Estella: My brother is fully in love with Sarah, they studied together in high school and at university. Your captain, Sarah’s father, rejected their marriage because he wants his daughter to marry a rich forty-seven years old man. So Sarah and Louis decided to escape with the help of my sister, whom you destroyed her life. Now, you want to take revenge, and I’m the scapegoat. It’s true that I helped them too, but I do not deserve such a treatment for helping two lovers to escape. They are old enough to make their own decisions.

Mr. Wilson: Look Estella, we are aware of all what you said. We know all this, and you seem to be so romantic and idealistic, but this won’t help you because you are dealing with Mr. Rodriguez. You must be careful my lady. Now stop telling me about the couple’s love story. I need facts, phone numbers, and places. I need concrete information. The deal made between Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Clayton, Sarah’s future husband, must be implemented as soon as possible. Sarah must return.

Estella: (murmuring) He is going to sell his daughter to an old man for the sake of money. 

Mr. Wilson: She will live in a castle; she will be very rich. Mr. Rodriguez is doing this for her benefit.

Estella: (loudly) No! It’s for his interest. He is the epitome of hatred, distance and indifference. Sarah does not want a box full of chocolate or a closet full of clothes. All she needs is a mere tender hug or a sweet word. She is so romantic, kind, patient and intelligent; he is so coarse, ignorant, stubborn and heartless. She wishes she were orphan. She finds in my brother Louis protection, love, loyalty, tenderness and respect. This is what she needs: protection.

Mr. Wilson: (a pause) Did she tell you this?

Estella: Yeah.

Mr. Wilson: When and where?

Estella: She told me this two weeks ago in my house. This was the last time I saw her.

Mr. Wilson: Then.

Estella: Then they travelled to Australia. This is all what I know.

Mr. Wilson: (laughing) Do you know what happened to Pinocchio when he lied? His tongue became longer and longer. In your case, there is something in my body that’s growing larger and longer. That thing starts with ‘P’; of course it’s not Pinocchio (He smiled wickedly). Don’t push me to free it in front of you now.  It’s too early. I don’t want it to happen here. So, please tell me the truth. Be honest.

Estella: I…I have Sarah’s phone number.

Mr. Wilson: Good girl (he took a sheet of paper and a pen out of his pocket), say it.

Estella:  +61 413 014 828.

Mr. Wilson: Now we will find our own way to keep track of the couple. (A pause) Mss. Estella, are you virgin?

Estella: (Growing pale) I told you what you needed.

Mr. Wilson: I think you still virgin. I noticed your fear when I mentioned the letter ‘P’. I believe you are not used on such things. Don’t worry; I’ll try my best to be as gentle as possible. You look so pale. Please don’t make me feel regretful my girl. You will get used on it.

Estella: (crying) you have got all the information you needed, why do you insist on harassing me. Stop it! Stop it now!

Mr. Wilson: I will not.

Estella: Why?

Mr. Wilson: “Because I can” (his wicked smile resembled Christian Grey’s) Now I have to go. Stay here, don’t try to escape again. (He laughed). I’ll be back to take you to my house. You really need a shower. (He got up and moved to the door.)

Estella: (Unexpectedly) don’t leave me alone!

Mr. Wilson: (surprised) oh my dear! You are not alone, I’m with you. No one will dare to touch you. Just relax. I’ll be here after half an hour. (He returned to Estella and kissed her on her forehead. Then he went out and closed the door. Lights fade slowly to black.)



Act 3:

The same scene as in Act 1 and 2; the lights were lit. The door was opened slowly, and then closed suddenly. Estella woke up and looked at the door. Two men entered the room; one of them had a cup of tea in his hand. They were murmuring. Estella found out that these were the two officers. Daniel put the tea on the table, while the other stood in front of Estella.

Estella: (screaming as loudly as she could) Wilson! Wilson!

David: there is no need to shout girl. He is not here; no one is here except you, me and Daniel. We want to enjoy; we shall enjoy. If you want to avoid pain, follow our instructions. Take this tea, drink it and let’s start.

Daniel: Let’s start before tea.

Estella: free me, let me at least drink my cup of tea, and then I’ll be your submissive.

David: I knew it! Now I’m one hundred percent sure that women find pleasure in violence and force.

Daniel: Violence and rape.

Estella: Yes, we do, free me and we will share the pleasure.

David started untying the cord while the other was fixing his burning eyes on Estella’s legs. After finishing, the former asked Estella to stand up.

David: (looking at his friend) we are going to do it simultaneously. Did you understand?

Daniel: No.

David: When I finish kissing the lips, you can kiss. When I finish sucking the breasts, you can suck.

Daniel: got it. I follow.

David: we lost a lot of time; Mr. Wilson may come at any moment. Lie on the table girl.

Estella moved toward the table. Suddenly, she took the cup of tea and threw it on the face of David and started knocking the door with all her force.

Estella: (Screamingly) Wilson! Help! I need help! Wilson! (A cold hand grabbed her arm violently and threw her on the table. David was in his utter anger, while Daniel was watching).

David: Now you have to pay. Two rapists will surround you. How dare you throw tea on my face? You have to suffer now.

Estella: How dare you touch a woman against her will? Don’t you have a sister? You are treating me as pieces of a thing.

David: I don’t have a family, I don’t feel. Don’t try to arouse my pity, it’s useless. You have to pay. (He took off her dress. While Daniel grabbed Estella’s hands tightly, the other jumped on top of her, slobbered all over her face and neck, grabbed her breasts and attempted to open her legs.)

Estella: (screaming out loudly till her voice was lost) let me go! Get away from me! Wilson! Wilson!

Daniel: Hit her in the head.

David: (A wolfish smile) maybe I have to do it. Mr. Wilson won’t be that harsh while punishing us. He taught us violence and mercilessness.

Estella: (trying to free her hands from his fist) let me go!

David: (He gave Estella a blow on her head; she passed out.) I would enjoy if you were awake, but we don’t have enough time to fight.

Daniel: Let’s rape.

When David started kissing Estella’s breasts, a noise was heard. The door was suddenly opened. Mr. Wilson entered the room with other four men. His face went pale: his mouth dropped open. DEAD SILENCE. Estella’s head was bleeding and the rest of her body was buried under David’s.

Mr. Wilson: What the hell are you doing! Don’t touch her! (He grabbed his hands; his face became Mephistophelean out of rage.)

David: Argh! That hurts. She is just a woman Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson: She is different.  Take both of them out. (He looked angrily at their eyes) you are going to be severely punished.

David: (screaming) Wait! Let me go! She is a woman! What is so special about her?

Mr. Wilson: She is virgin; she is pure. She is mine. Get out all of you.

Now Mr. Wilson and Estella are alone in the room. He brought the white dress from the ground to cover her body. He kept looking at her face while cleaning the spots of blood on her forehead and erasing her tears. He put her head on his chest.

Mr. Wilson: I’m so sorry Estella, I’ll take you home. You will be alright. Don’t worry. You are safe Estella, you are safe.

(Lights became darker.)

Act 4:

Estella is now in Mr. Wilson’s room: Everything is white; the furniture, the ceiling, the marble, the curtains, the lights. Estella, wearing a pink nightgown, is lying in a big round bed surrounded with silky transparent curtains. Mr. Wilson is sitting on the edge of the bed while touching Estella’s hands softly. He is wearing a white T-shirt and black trousers.

Mr. Wilson: (Hissing softly) wake up! I need to see your eyes and hear your voice. I’ll ask your forgiveness the moment you look at me. I’m so sorry Estella; I shouldn’t have let you alone in that room, it’s my fault. You are sleeping deeply as a newly born baby; I barely hear your breath. Wake up angel; I hope you feel no pain now. Estella, what is so special about you? Why are you so different? I usually do what I say without delay or regret, but when it comes to you, everything turns topsy-turvy.  I regret leaving you alone.

Estella groaned and moved her right hand. Mr. Wilson’s eyes twinkled out of surprise and happiness. He leaned over her body and kissed her forehead. Still putting one hand on the pillow and the other on her hand, he softly kissed her lips. Estella opened her eyes slowly to find Mr. Wilson looking at her.

Mr. Wilson: Hey! How do you feel?

Estella: (sleepily) why did you leave me alone?

Mr. Wilson: (he returned to his former position) I said how you feel? Answer my question first.

Estella: I’m alright, but broken inside. Now answer mine.

Mr. Wilson: don’t worry about your emotional injuries; I’ll cure them as soon as possible.

Estella: you seem so serious and confident Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson: Call me Wilson Estella, just Wilson. (Pause) I thought you will be safe there in the room, but David and Daniel did not follow my instruction; they followed their sexual desire. (Pause) This won’t happen again Estella I promise you. (Pause) Why are you so silent? Say something.

Estella: (looking at the ceiling) I was waiting for you to say one word. One soft word can turn an angry broken woman into a new happy one. Why don’t you just ask my forgiveness? Be sorry for teaching those two men to be monsters. Be sorry for destroying my sister’s life. Be sorry for abusing me. Be sorry for exercising your power on me. Be sorry.

Mr. Wilson: I’m… I thought I could be but…

Estella: (false smile) this is what I expected; of course I’m your submissive now. You cannot be sorry because you will be narcissistically injured. It’s better to hurt others then and me in particular.

Mr. Wilson: (his lips are dried.) Don’t judge me this way Estella; you are not my submissive because you are different. (Estella fixed her eyes on his) You are sexually attractive (swallowing his saliva) but the beauty you have inside is exceptional. Your innocence is killing me inside. I’m stoic, that’s why I’m doing my best to hide myself behind that mask of strength and dominion. This I can no longer bear Estella. You cast a spell on me the moment I saw you. I tried my best to stick to stoicism, but I failed. I was so glad because you gave me the information Mr. Rodriguez needed before it’s too late. If you refused to succumb, I mean to answer me, I would have lost you now. Estella, I need you in my life.




Estella: Say it.

Mr. Wilson: (his mouth dropped open) Estella!

Estella: Just say it Mr. Wilson; be yourself. I know you are a good man.

Mr. Wilson: (without hesitation) I’m sorry.

Estella: (touching his cheek) I forgive you Wilson; of course I do.


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