Power Hungry

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Evan, a young man struggling to harness his new magical abilities, is saddled with the responsibility of a girl he discovered dying in a landfill. His growing feelings for her weaken his power, and Evan is sure he must choose between his calling or his true love.

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



Evan turned his gaze toward the door. A small figure in a hooded sweatshirt and jeans peered in at him. "How'd you know I was here?" it asked him. Evan's lips turned down. "You know I can sense you," he replied, irritated. The figure pretended to pout as it pulled the hood down.

Evan returned his attention to the book in front of him. Murmuring the foreign words under his breath, he closed his eyes and drew his brows together. The figure tentatively stepped forward, breaking Evan's concentration. He whirled around and faced it angrily.

"Why are you here?" he bellowed, fists balled at his sides. The figure quaked. Evan stared hard at her, willing her to be normal for a change. She lowered her delicate blue eyes to the floor. "Answer me!" he commanded.

"I- I knew you'd be practicing," she half-whispered. "I wanted to watch." She lifted her gaze to Evan's once more, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. "I'm sorry I intruded."

Evan sighed. "Lena, you know I don't want you here when I do this. Not being able to control this... It's like an itch that you scratch 'til it bleeds." Shaking his head, Evan sank into the desk chair beside him. "It's frustrating to fail."

Lena frowned, her innocent face searching Evan's green eyes. Her lips ached to kiss him, her fingers willed themselves to twirl a lock of his dark black hair. She wrung her hands together, finally speaking. "I could help you." The offer was futile. Lena had known since the day she met Evan that he would rather die than be rescued by someone he viewed as weak, inferior. Someone like her.

Evan scoffed. "You? Help me? Lena, you have no idea what this is. You don't have any abilities like this. How could you be useful to me?" He shot the girl a demeaning glare and drummed his fingers on the book. Blue sparks skittered across the page, dancing away from his fingertips.

Lena couldn't help but smile as she watched the sparks dissipate at the edge of the table. Evan punched the book and yelled, "Of course it works when I'm not even trying!" Lena jumped back and jerked the hood back onto her head. She'd seen Evan's fits of rage, and had yet to familiarize herself with them.

Evan clenched his fists again, the anger rising. Lena watched the aura change around Evan's head and shoulders. It went from a deep purple, concentration, to something light and barely visible. Mixed. Yellow, Lena knew it to be the color of feeling. And blue, deep sadness. Together they created an emerald green glow, bringing out Evan's sharp eyes, the ones that were boring into Lena's face as she studied him.

"What?" He spat the word at her, as if disgusted. "I think you need to stop for today," she suggested quietly, tensing her body for flight. Evan relaxed slightly. "Stop what?" he asked curiously. "I was born to practice this. My parents died fighting for this gift." Lena shook her head. "Not for good. Just stop for today. You're hurting yourself."

Evan glanced down at his hands, finally seeing where his nails had dug into his palms. "Fine," he said. "But only for today." He grabbed his satchel and slung it over his shoulder, sliding the book inside. "Let's go," he ordered the girl. Lena forced herself to hide her smile, knowing that Evan's struggle gave her more time with him.

Following Evan into the hallway, Lena nearly reached for his hand before she slid both of hers into her pockets.

Evan said nonchalantly, "I don't know about you, but I'm hungry." He had said the very same thing when he found Lena six months ago, bruised and badly beaten. When his unfocused energy healed her enough to keep her alive, she had become forever bonded to this mysterious boy. This Evan. She giggled.

Evan slowed his pace and turned to her. "Why's that funny?" Lena shrugged, trying even harder to hide her face and hair. Evan sighed yet again and began to walk faster, causing Lena to jog behind him. When Evan reached the front door, he pulled it open and let Lena outside. Then he closed and locked it. Lena turned around just as the door slammed behind her. Evan was still inside the house.

"Evan, what are you doing?" she called. He stuck two fingers in the air and saluted Lena. "See ya," he mocked before walking back up the stairs. Lena abruptly began to cry, streams of water dripping down her face as she placed her palms against the small glass window. She stared at the siding of the house as Evan's emerald aura walked up the stairs and stopped in the library.

"He doesn't want me," she murmured. "He probably wishes he never saved me." She sat on the porch with her back to door and sobbed, her small body shivering with pain.

"That isnot true!" Evan screamed out the second story window. Lena jumped, her tears stopping abruptly. She looked up to the window and shielded her eyes with a shaking hand.

"You h-heard that?" she stuttered. Evan nodded grimly. "I heard it. And I came to a realization," he added reluctantly. Lena's face donned a curious expression as Evan withdrew his face from view. "Evan!" she cried. No sooner had she finished crying the boy's name than he was opening the door and striding towards her.

"Wipe the tears off your face and get in here," he ordered. Lena silently obeyed, following Evan into the parlor and taking a seat opposite him. Evan sighed deeply. "It seems like the harder I try to keep you away, the weaker my power gets," he blurted. "So, in order to master it.... You have to stick around." Evan kneaded his temples and stared at the table,

Lena exhaled slowly. "What am I supposed to do?" she asked. "I don't have any powers." Evan's head snapped up and he stared into Lena's face with a look that could shoot daggers.

"That's a damn bald-faced LIE, Lena!" he yelled, standing and slamming a fist into the tabletop. "And you've been hiding it from me all along!"

Lena jumped, stepping back from Evan. "I- I don't know what you're talking about," she said shakily. Evan grabbed Lena's wrist and pulled her towards the stairs. She tried to resist, but Evan's grip felt savage. He pushed her toward the window he had just opened and said, "Jump."

Lena's face became inscrutable. "Jump?" she repeated incredulously. Evan nodded once and pushed her hard. Lena leaned back into Evan's hands and wished to Heaven that he'd wrap those arms around her and laugh. Instead, he grabbed the shoulders of her sweater and hauled her toward the open window.

Lena kicked the wall and screamed, tears streaming down her face once again. Evan reeled backwards and released his hold on Lena. She stood facing the window, shuddering and sobbing into her hands.

After a moment Evan's voice was heard across the room. "I told you so," he whispered smugly. Lena turned to him as he raised his palms to her. They were burnt and slightly blistered. "What the-?" Lena cried, rushing to his side.

"Your powers," Evan explained. "Right now, they only work properly when you're under extreme stress or pressure. You need to learn to control it. If you can't do that, then my own powers are useless. So get a grip."

Lena blinked, confused, and grabbed Evan's wrists to inspect his hands. "I did this to you?" she inquired, disbelieving.

Evan nodded, then grinned without thinking. "Lena, you have no idea what this means!" he cried. He threw his arms around her and whirled her around.

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