A Whip In Hand

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Two brother, Tom and Ricky Pitman are send off to two totally different homes as Home Children. While Tom is feasting Ricky is getting bet. And when things turn from bad to worse, one brother will pay in blood, from a whip.

Submitted: October 07, 2009

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Submitted: October 07, 2009



"Why is life so unfair?!" a young eleven year old boy, named Ricky Pitman, sweated as he ploughed the huge field.

He was in insane pain from the beating he had got earlier from his ‘master’ as Ricky liked to call him. He was mean, he had beaten him after working so hard in the field before. In fact Ricky didn’t even know why he was getting bet, he did a great job in the field if he did say so himself. But he guessed his master thought different. But after working six whole hours then getting beaten then getting send out to work until midnight with no food or water, would sound cruel to most but Ricky was used to it. He had put up with it for three months, he could put up with it for now, but how much longer?

At the same time, a few miles away, the very bother of Ricky, Tom Pitman sat feasting with the people he now called his family.

"How do you like the ribs Tom? The maid made them very juicy, just for you and your fourteenth birthday" the master of the house Mr. Gibbons asked smiling.

"They are indeed every juicy. Give my thanks to the maid" Tom nodded as he ate the ribs as neatly as he could. "And maybe after this feast I could help with the ploughing, I have to do something in return."

"I will not force you. But it is pleases you, go strait ahead" Mr. Gibbons chuckled. Tom was such a good kid.

"Ricky you dang fool!!!" His master slapped him across the face. "Last night’s work was horrible!!And you expect something to drink?"

"But sir, I’m am so thirsty. And maybe if I could have a drink, I could do my work better" Ricky coughed weakly.

"Stupid boy!" his master slapped him again. "But get some but not more then a drop! If you get more you’ll have none for three days!"

"Understood sir!" Ricky walked off slowly coughing to the dirty well which he drank from. He was not permitted to drink clean water like his master, only the dirty muddy stuff. But Ricky didn’t care he was so thirsty it didn’t matter. As long as it was water.

"Hurry up boy! If you not out working in half a minute another beating!" his master shouted.

Oh how his life sucked right now!

"Tom, have you heard?" Mr. Gibbons sat on a chair smoking a pipe, as Tom walked into the room.

"What sir?" Tom asked.

"You know your brother works for a good friend of mine, Mr. Gordon. Well I heard he was having a rough time with your brother. Says he’s very disobedient. I’m glad I got you instead!" Mr. Gibbons laughed.

"Ricky? Disobedient?" somehow those words didn’t seem to match. Ricky was probably more obedient then he was. What was this sir getting at? Tom had to find out. How could any one with a new family like his be disobedient?

But what Tom didn’t know was Ricky didn’t have a family like his. And because of that Ricky lay on the ground puffing for each breath it was hard. His life was hard, everything was hard, and what made it even harder was that he was almost dead. He could tell, he hadn’t eaten in six days. And the water he had earlier had really only been a drop. He might as well be road-kill, it didn’t matter to him. And what made it worse was that his master was on the way over to him with a whip in his hand. Ricky couldn’t last much longer, he was sure to be dead within the next day, but his master might make it sooner if he gave him one more beating. That would be all it took and then he’d be dead like his parents. Oh he wished he didn’t have to die it’d be painful and hard. But better to get it over with sooner then late.

"Ricky! Get up now!" his master stood over him.

"I...I can’t" Ricky groaned painfully.

"To bad! You’ll do as your told!!!!!!" his master rose his whip ready to strike on him. But before he could a voice yelled


Ricky turned his head to see who it was and was shocked to see his older brother Tom.

"I knew the minute Mr. Gibbons told me Ricky was a rebel something was going on. I guess I know what it is now."

"Go away kid!" his master roared.

"No!" Tom ran up and stood between Ricky and his master.

"Go away! Or I’ll beat you!" his mater stormed.

"Do it then’ Tom snorted.

"Fine then!!" and with that Ricky shut his eyes as he heard a thump and cries of terror crowning the air. And finally about ten minutes later a puff of victory.

Ricky opened his eyes and gasped. Laying on the ground was his brother Tom bleeding from almost every part of his body and his clothes torn. His brother had really been beaten to death.

"Stupid kid! Messin’ with me! Well he got what he deserved. And you" his master pointed at him, "I’ll leave you here so you’ll die slowly and get what you deserve!" and with that his master spat on the ground and walked away coldly.

"Tom!" Ricky cried, but the heat coming from the sun and the tears rolling down his face caused Ricky to slip into blackness.

Ricky moaned as he opened his eyes and noticed he wasn’t on a bloody field but on a warm puffy bed.

"Finally your awake" a man stood next to his bed.

"Hum sir if I may ask you are you?"

"I am Sir Wilson Gibbons, Tom’s old friend you may say."

"Oh Tom..he’s"-

"Dead? Yes I know son. Tom doesn’t miss a meal and so I looked around for him. And when I came to your sir’s land I saw him there, you too. Though when I noticed you were still alive I called the doctor right away."

"You did that for me?" Ricky was confused by this friendliness.

"Yes son, Ricky, was it? Well your welcome to stay here. I had a talk with your sir."

"I can?!" Ricky smiled.

"Yes of course."

Ricky smiled, and for once in his life he was happy. Even if his brother had died. He’d died as a hero protecting him, Ricky. And Ricky was sure that someday all the people like his old master would be stopped. He prayed that day came soon.

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