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This is my English homework, to write a short story based on the Spanish Civil War. Tell me if it's good? :) would love feedback.

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013






The sound of splitting skin and screaming filled my ears.
People everywhere were panicking. Blood spilled onto the streets as I ran through them, finding my way out of the crowd. I was scared, and my heart was pumping. What was going on?

Everyone was terrified. Or shall I say ‘Everything’. The people had turned into beasts. Greedy for life, they ran around screeching. The scarlet liquid was beginning to stain my ankles and the souls of killed civillians float away into the air.


Buildings a light crumble down and fall to the floor, slaughtering even more beings that are innocent. The loud balls of light continue to drop on us like tears of god. My own tears streak down my cheeks as I seek for protection.


Some helpless elders continuously dig into the ground, causing bloody hands, only to be killed. Women carrying their babies kneel down and hold them to their chests.
My ears now drowning in the sound of panic and destruction, I stop running to look above, noticing the war between planes over our heads.

As if to put us out, droplets of water start to fall from the heavens, only creating more havoc among our town. Seen as an omen for death a few people give themselves to the fire. Fright, woe and defencelessness are shown in the faces of the individuals in danger.

I grip on to a strangers hand and she does not look back but runs through the crowd, her dress tearing apart, I close my eyes and follow her. Before long I realise she is not a fighter, she walks out into the battlefield. I take one look behind me, saying goodbye to the town in which I had always lived.

Then I looked up to see a miracle, the last thing I saw was a bright sun in the darkness coming to save me.

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