For My One and Only Love

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This is for my girlfriend who i love very much with all of my heart

Submitted: December 31, 2012

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Submitted: December 31, 2012




Days go by,

Just like time flies.


I remember the first day,

when my hands were shakey they just would not stay.


Butterflies fluttered in my tummy,

I remember dropping my ticket like a dummy.


The day i saw your beautiful face,

my heart started beating at an unimaginable pace.


My world before was so dark,

But you lit it up quicker then children fill up a park.


Its hard to believe that you fell for me,

a man who loves you oh so truly and is oh so clumsey.


He wants you forever and always,

He means everything and all of what he says.


No matter what we have been through,

We always come out as the perfect two.


A miracle came true,

as soon as i met you.


It was to my surprise,

That i won the most valuable prize.


One day soon i will get on one knee,

asking you to spend your life forever with me.


February sixth two thousand and twelve,

the day that we found love for you and myself.


When i kiss you,

all im thinking is my head is i love you too.


Those are the moments i live for,

spending everyday with you just isn't enough i always want you more.


Making me so happy with bundles of glee,

Your the Perfect girl for me.



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