Alcohol solves everything

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John gets drunk and Sherlock worries about him

Submitted: July 31, 2012

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Submitted: July 31, 2012




Alcohol solves everything


It was just another rainy day.

Typical England”  thought John Watson putting on his coat.The fridge was empty as usual (apart from some fingers,which Sherlock was using for a new experiment) and Sherlock would rather starve to death then go to a grocery shop.John,in fact,didn’t want to walk around with an empty stomach,so one of his everyday tasks was shopping.

He grabbed his keys and almost left the apartment,but in the last minute had an idea that maybe his flatmate wanted something from the store too.The doctor opened the door slightly and almost started talking,but for his surprise Sherlock was tightly asleep on his desk.The light was still on and the table was covered in creasy papers.John carefully lifted one of the sheets and started to read the scribble :

I am most certainly sure that a man can live without friends.Affection makes trouble and let’s your enemies take advantage of you and manipulate with your brain.That’s why I don’t have any friends.I just can’t afford them.

John read the text again,before putting the paper back on the desk.All this time he thought,that...

”It looks like I’ve made a mistake..”

Sherlock was quietly snoring.

 * * *

The consulting detective woke up from a loud noise.Someone had just slammed the door.Still sleepy,he glanced over to the clock.12 a.m.He had slept for more then 10 hours sitting in a chair and his stiff neck was screaming in pain.After 15 minutes he climbed out of the cold shower (the only way he could actually wake up) and went to the kitchen to make a few cups of coffee.His energy levels were close to zero and he hated the defenseless feeling.He put the kettle to boil,but soon discovered that there wasn’t any coffee in the house.OK,now Sherlock was angry.Actually there wasn nothing eadible except a few slices of stakle bread and some chocolate.He ate the brown sweet and went to John’s room.His flatmate had to go to the store and buy some coffee ASAP or else Sherlock would be grumpy and slow all day.He quietly opened the door,but the room was empty.Not a living soul in it.

”Well this is strange..”  Sherlock thought.

John wasn’t the sociable type.Just like Sherlock himself.Maybe,that’s why they had such a great relationship.Best buds forever,right?

""Or maybe something more...?""

NO! Sherlock shaked his head trying to stip the train of thoughts,that annoyed him so much and went to read a stupid,but quite enjoyable novel,that John had given him as a Christmas present along with a cheesy white snowglobe with a little raindeer inside it holding a wooden sign that said HAPPY HOLIDAYS That must have been the most boring and predictable gift in the world,but he valued his friends attempts to make Sherlock a bit more cheerful.And in the end John didn’t receive a present from Sherlock in return and even he knew that complaining about John’s gift would be insolent.The detective simply didn’t pay attention to things like celebrations.In his eyes that was just another pathetic  reason to get drunk and spend money for worthless gifts nobody appreciated.Of course,Sherlock didn’t receive gifts much.He didn’t have friends and Mycroft was too busy with his work to ever acknowledge his little brothers existance.

Sherlock Holmes was a lonely,lonely man.

* * *

John didn’t go to the grocery store.In fact,the tought that there will be nothing to eat tomorrow was well forgotten once he stepped in to the local pub.It was crowded (as always),full with noisy men and women who drank beer and danced until the sun came up.The doctor carefully,trying not to step in  spilled beer and other unknown fluids,walked over to the counter and ordered a beer and two shots of vodka.He payed the bartender and quickly drank his first little glass with the uncolorful drink.He was wandering around the city all day thinking about Sherlock’s note.Was it true?Wasn’t John his friend?After all the cases they had gone through together...

He took a gulp from his beer.Watson didn’t really like it,but he just wanted to get drunk so desperately.So he drank the other tiny glass of vodka ,finished his beer and called the bartender.The boy quickly came,cautiosly looking at the visibly tipsy man.

""Just give me a bottle of vodka and I will be out of here.""

The younger man gave him his drink and watched as the clumsy person left the bar.

* * *

""Where is he??Oh God,what if something bad had happened to him?!Maybe I should call him just to make sure he’s OK?""

Sherlock feverishly walked around the room.It was 2 p.m and he hadn’t received any texts or calls from John.

""Why do I worry about him so much??He’s a grown man,he can take care of himself..""

""That’s because you loooove hi-""

""SHUT UP!""

These stupid thoughts wouldn’t leave his head all day.

""I have to get out of here..""

Sherlock quickly put on his coat,grabbed his scarf and slammed the door shut.

""Mrs Hudson won’t be happy about that " he assumed and almost ran to the park.He needed some fresh air.Fast.

* * *

He forced himself to go slowly and stop thinking,but his mind always returned to his lost friend.

""Oh where is he? ""

Sherlock flashed a look around the empty park and dialed Watson’s phone number.And there it was.The familiar Star Wars theme song,which Sherlock had jokingly set up as John’s  ring tone.

""Why hasn’t he removed it yet?It’s been almost a month... "" The slender man thought as he approached  the place where the signal was coming from.And...there he was! His friend,his best friend,his only friend laying in grass with an almost empty bottle next to him.Sherlock slightly furrowed his brows.It wasn’t like John to get drunk and pass out in a public park.



Sherlock examined the drunk man.No visible injuries.That’s good.

""C’mon,time to go home.""

Putting all his muscle in he finally lifted his almost sleeping friend and slowly started the long way home.

John  puked three times on the way home and Sherlock was almost out of his patience when they finally got to Baker St. 221

He carried Watson (he was quite surprised how heavy the little man turned out to be)  up the stairs and as soon as they stepped across the threshold ,John was immediately thrown on the couch.The doctor mumbled something and after 2 minutes was sound asleep.

Sherlock watched in disbelief at his usually so cautious friend.

There is definitely going to be a talk in the morning about this.

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