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Second of a trilogy. Go and read my other story "Time"

Submitted: December 25, 2014

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Submitted: December 25, 2014



Time time time… It’s really funny how it all works and comes together. Time is something I personally look at as sacred, never waste time or spend it unwisely, of course that is because all I have is time. I’m not saying I have it to waste, I literally only have time. I guess I have material possessions, but what are those without time? I should explain who I am, my name is Ronn, my last name isn’t important. I am a guardian, more importantly a guardian of time. Basically, I was born with the power to control time. I was even born ten thousand years ago, but that was me from a different reality, in my reality I am only sixteen. How the separate realities work is that each one has its own timeline, but the guardians are always the same. No matter what events, the guardian will always be born; they will have the same personality and the same knowledge in every reality. For instance, I believe there is a reality where Hitler won World War II, but the me in that reality was born and know exactly what I know. Well, not exactly what I know, again, the timelines are different. He will be a guardian just like me, just different way of growing up, but he will know what I know… if that makes any sense. Guardians each have a Te-ka. It means that no matter what reality they exist in, there is a variation of one person they will always meet. Mine in my reality is a girl named Mariah. It is odd about my reality because my Te-ka had to be forced. I had to go back in time seven hours after I met her to seven years before. Now here is the thing with guardians; we all have limited time like any other human (one-hundred years on the dot). But in order to use our powers we have to use our personal time. Going back in time seven years, cost me seven years of my life, down to a fraction of a second. Seven years is around the time I had to go back and meet with my Te-ka for the first time. Now, you might be wondering why it is that I don’t age when taking seven years off my own life, well, you see, I age at the rate of a normal human, taking seven years off is taking it off the end, I am basically making my death come quicker. I had to go back multiple times for her, to make sure she didn’t forget me, so I gave her what is called a soul stone. A soul stone is a fraction of my own being that allows me to be summoned through time with no repercussions, but I can only stay for around thirty minutes at a time.

There are several rules I must follow that come with my powers; I am allowed to freeze time, but when I do, my life expires at double the rate it would normally, so a second is two basically, and every second adds up. Another is that I can only save someone from death if they delay the impending doom of the human race. This one I like and find rather useful sometimes, when I freeze time, I can whisper in peoples ears and soon as they are unfrozen, they will go through with whatever task I command of them, as long as it doesn’t majorly affect the time stream in a harmful way, it is fine. I have four stages of death and I will know as I am hitting them and what to do. The first stage is me seeming to walk outside of time, no one notices me as much, I will need to sit in preparation for what will happen at ten minutes before I die, at five minutes I will fall asleep and at zero minutes… well, you know. My final important rule is that I must never tell anyone beyond my Te-ka of my powers.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, here is the real reason I am writing this, truth is, I am dying. Here is the twist, I am not going to for another thirty eight years. You see, I plan to go back in time to just the perfect moment. I will start from the beginning. When I was explaining my Te-ka and me having to be forced, well, I am only half right about that. We would have met, but she wouldn’t have recognized me and I wouldn’t recognize her. We bumped into each other on the first day of school on year, her first year of high school and my second. But if she wouldn’t have recognized me, I wouldn’t have actually had any more interaction with her. You would not believe how much research it took, I had to look into other realities to see who she was in others and match her up with someone from this reality. How I finally found her was when I looked into this odd reality where my guardianship was lost or something, I’m not sure, all I know is that I was not in power of it in this reality. The girls name was Phoenix this time instead of Mariah, but this alternate me knew just enough about her to let me find mine. Anyway, after I found mine I went back to sort of make her comfortable with me, gave her my soul stone so she could summon me back when she was in need and she was to never forget me basically. That plan failed when she… stopped calling, I thought I had messed up but I couldn’t afford another seven years to go back and fix it for I knew what my last moments needed to be and how much time I did need. We bumped into each other and after a while of talking, I decided to do something very stupid, I froze time and whispered to her to make her kiss me. It was pointless and all, but it was worth it. I loved her and I didn’t even know why. We became the best of friends and all throughout high school I would help her, and she would help me. I got my driver’s license first due to my slight age advantage of a few months. I drove her around all the time and I guess she just got used to it because she never got a car; she would just ride with me. I didn’t mind though, she was worth it really. I honestly tried not to grow overly attached to her because I knew that she was going to die when we were both fairly young and I wouldn’t be able to save her because… she didn’t matter enough. To me she did, but not to my rules. Anyway, I couldn’t help but fall in love, I don’t even know why. I swear the happiest day of my life was the day after her twenty second birthday. We had been dating for a good amount of time by then (and I know good amounts of time, believe you me). I decided that I would try to get her on a day that she was in a good mood. I woke her up and brought her breakfast in bed and we talked for a good hour before we got dressed and walked out of our apartment to go to the coffee shop down on the corner. I was almost too excited to wait but I had to hold it in. We ordered our drinks and I paid, then we sat down and talked for a while. After about twenty minutes, during a small break in our talk, I knew it was the perfect moment. I acted as if I dropped something and when I went to pick it up, I dropped to one knee, I pulled the box containing the diamond ring and held it up opening it and her eyes grew wide, tears forming in the sides. “Ronn, oh my god!” I remember her saying as she brought her hands to her mouth. Then I said the words, everyone in the coffee shop was watching by now, even the old man that was sitting in the far back corner of the shop. What I said was along the lines of, “Will you make this the best moment of my life and please, for the love of everything holy, say that you will marry me.” I had been thinking of it all day, I really had. Anyway, she said yes and I got up and hugged her tightly. When I hugged her I noticed the old man in the back had closed his eyes and was leaning his head back, didn’t think the happiness would wear him out so much. So we had the wedding nine months later when it seemed appropriate and to save money, we made our honeymoon and her birthday trip the same thing. On our drive back home from our trip, I decided I would mess with her a bit and I played with her hair. She hated when I played with her hair and she would slap my hand away. I kept doing it, giggling, and one hand still on the steering wheel of the car. She was slapping my hand away and then she decided to punch me in the shoulder… that was a bad move. The jolt from her punch was just enough to knock me off balance and make me turn the steering wheel just slightly… right into an oncoming semi-truck… and that was the end of Mariah. I didn’t die because I simply cannot; I barely got injured in fact. It was a miracle.

It has been around exactly thirty seven years, eleven months, and seventeen hours since I asked her to marry me. It really was the happiest moment of my life. I went on doing my normal life, just, slower now. I never smiled and rarely talked. I fulfilled my duties as a guardian and added a few minutes to this world’s miserable timespan. I had one more job to do though, I had to die. I was saving up my years for this exact moment and the time had finally come for me to go. I am writing this just before I make my way back to the coffee shop on the day she told me yes. I was going there to die and I was perfectly accepting of it. Because I knew what would happen, I would watch her say yes, then hit ten minutes. I would get drowsy and close my eyes, falling asleep at five minutes… then I would pass away. I picked this exact time because I knew… I knew that I wanted the last moments of my life to be reliving the happiest.

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