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a true situation

Submitted: October 19, 2010

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Submitted: October 19, 2010




She lies there still, rigged up with tubes

Silence around her but with tears in my eyes -

I’m careful not to startle her steady electronic pulse,

I sniffle and breathe quietly around this beautiful woman,

devoted mother of four and oblivious of her life - of the world.

The pumping of her oxygen, I wish her to breath for herself

But not - I am told she cannot - will not and may never again.

Wake-up - move - twitch even.

Let me know you are still here with me

Can you hear me? Can you smell my perfume? It’s your favourite.

Why do we have to stand and wait - what are we waiting for?

You’re very ill and I fear I may never hear your voice again

I miss your laugh and I miss our hugs.

You’ve been asleep for two weeks - but you deserve the rest.

Just open your eyes for one second and whisper anything to me,

Tell me you will see me soon.

It’s going to be a long road, getting you right

Not even three brain aneurysms will we be overcome

Wake-up - move - twitch.

I’m stroking your hair - telling you that I love you.

Can you feel it? Can you hear me? Answer - they’re going to switch you off.

You need to improve before they can send you away

I never want to leave your side but they tell me to say, see you tomorrow - kiss.

You’re awake!

Who are you? Who’s is that voice? Why do you talk like a child?

You are not you -you’re not making sense

Why do you keep grabbing at everything like an infant?

Why don’t you know me?

It’s me - Kir -your best friend

Please say you know

You’re going in a helicopter - to a better place!

To make you better!

Why don’t you know what I am telling you?

Why are you dribbling ?

Please bring her back safe and better.

And there you lie - calm and awake,

You still don’t know me but I’m still telling you.

But you still kiss and hug me when I ask for one -

I wish I could do that now

You’re confused and you are no longer the woman I knew

But a new one - you have four beautiful kids -

Please remember them and continue with your full devotion

It’s a fresh start for you all - it’s not easy for them

They’ve been through a lot

Please become yourself again and remember me too.

I miss you - you’ll always be my special sister.



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