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This is a character for Carremclaren, which I hope you enjoys.


If you'd like for me to create you a character, then all you have to do it ask, and I shall oblige. Thanks. :)

Submitted: January 04, 2013

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Submitted: January 04, 2013



Caitlyn Rashelle Walker

Nickname: Cait, Cat, Lyn
Gender: female
Age: 19
Birthday/year: May 5th, 1993
Marital status: single, straight


Hair Type: Straight, ending about the middle of her back
Hair Color: Light brown, with a few blonde highlights in the summer. Her hair will darken some in the winter, until it is almost ash brown.
Skin color: Tanned, though lighter in the winter months.
Height: about 5'4" on flat feet
Eyes: Blue-green. Depending on what she has on, they'll change in hue until they look more green, or more blue. They also will shift in color due to her emotions. When she's excited or sad, they appear greener. Anger or happiness makes them appear crystaline blue.
Weight: about 104 lbs.
Physical faults/tattoos: She has a burn scar on her right wrist. Scar from a cut on her left shoulder. A scar on her left wrist bone. She has no tattoos.
Clothing: She usually wears jeans (size 2s or 3s) and tank tops. She prefers boy shorts or thongs to granny panties and briefs. She's about a 32 B in breast size, though her small size doesn't bother her much. She usually wears tennis shoes, or heels, when she's not barefooted, which she prefers in the summer months. She will sometimes wear skirts, and she loves to dress up, especially if she is going somewhere, like into a city or something. She used to to modeling classes with Barbizon, so she knows how to dress well, and apply her make-up professionally.
Race: Caucasian

Family: Her parents are divoriced. Her mother, Shannen (age 42) is currently not married. She is living with her fiance, a man known as Rudolf (age 47), who is lazy and impared from the waist down. Her father, Mikal (age 44), is married to a woman named Gayle (age 50), who is believes that Caitlyn's father should put his wife before his children. When Gayle doesn't get her way, she seeks out ways to make Caitlyn and Brianna's life miserable, usually by making it out to seem as if the two children do no chores around the house (which they do in abundance).
Siblings: Caitlyn as three sisters. Brianna is her blood sister, born to Shannen and Mikal while they were still married. Brianna is 17 years old, with a birthdate on Dec. 6, 1995. Her other sister is a ten year old blonde with blue eyes, known as Savannah. Her birthdate on April 7, 2003. She is a half-sister to Caitlyn, born between Shannen and Jimmy (a previous marriage). Her third sister, Kesha, is the oldest at 29 years old (birthday is Dec. 23rd). She is a wild woman who has no sense of responsibility. She woman has three kids, which was taken away from her due to drug abuse. She is constantly in and out of Gayle and Mikal's house, and pretty much as a new boyfriend every other week.


Hobbies: Caitlyn loves to read and write, especially is those two revolve around the fantasy, supernatural genre. She loves to go horseback riding with her sister, Brianna, though they've never owned any horses. She loves to play with her puppy, Dot-dot, a brown and white mutt with a rather long tongue. She also loves to swim, draw, and daydream.
Temperment: She has a very calm temperment, and is hard to anger. She is one of those people that will hold in her feelings until she explodes. She is patient and nurturing, especially when it comes to her sisters. She does most of the chores around her mother's house, as her sisters and "soon-to-be" stepfather doesn't do much, and her mother is always at work. It bothers her, but she doesn't let it show. She is loves the idea of love, but doesn't like it for herself, as she has watched too many relationships crash and burn, and doesn't want it to happen to herself.
Strength: Patience, stubborness (can also be a downfall). Wisdom. Booksmarts. Good health, even though she's underweight, as she has a fast metabolism.
Natural Talents: Writing, drawing, singing.
Good qualities: She has a open heart and mind, and takes things in stride. Her motto is, "everything happens for a reason; there is no such thing as coincidents." She is very protective over her sisters, and would physically fight for them. She helps her mother out around the house a lot, because there isn't really any other help. But because of this, her mother often times takes advantage of Caitlyn.
Weaknesses: She isn't physically strong. Most of her strength is in her legs, as she ran cross country in high school before she graduated. She is always helping her mother, which has caused her mother to depend on her too much, and to often times take advantage of her. She is in love with her best guy friend, Avery, and though he loves her back, she is scared to commit to a relationship. She has watched too many relationships fall apart, and is scared to get too close. When she feels like she is getting too close to him, she'll pull away and block herself off, usually not talking to him for days on end. But, for some reason, she always comes back to him.

Background: She was the oldest child, until her father married her step mother. And still, she acts older than Kesha in many ways. She was a premie baby, born three months too early. She barely survived, and was actually supposed to die, according to the doctors. She took her parents divorice hard at first, and had to grow up some very quickly. She took care of her sisters and mother, as her mother's former husband (Savannah's dad) didn't want alot to do with them. When he had a stroke, and became abusive, Ms. Shannen left him for Rudolf, in whose home they currently reside. Her father is a truck driver, who travels across the country for two, to three weeks at a time. She misses him, but knows that he is making money. She doesn't go over to her dads house often, because she doesn't quite care for her step mother very much, as she is often times fussing at the children for the smallest things.
Dreams/life goals:


Likes: pizza, dogs, horses, digital artwork, writing, drawing, being outside, epic instrumental music from composers like Thomas Bergersen and Valentin Wiest. Romance novels, especially if they have paranormal aspects in them. She is especially fond of the author Nora Roberts.
Dislikes: spinach, complete darkness, being alone for the rest of her life, rap music, drugs, alcohol, abusive men, horror movies, perverted comedy movies, pornos and anything erotically suggestive. Doesn't like crime novels.
Fears: Spiders, terribly so. She might actually have aracniphobia (I don't think I spelled that right). Being alone for the rest of her life. Death. The death of her parents and sisters. Demonic presences.
Loves: TV shows such as NCIS (original) and Criminal Minds. She loves anime movies, like Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, and Spirited Away. Naruto Shippuden's alright, as well as the original Naruto shows. Loves Inuyasha and Bleach. She loves to just sit outside in the sun, especially when its beautiful outside, or when it is about to rain. She loves storms, as long as they aren't too terribly bad.
Bad Habits: she has a bad habit of blocking herself off from others if she begins to get too close, especially when it comes to Avery. She isn't very neat, though she does like to keep her room picked up. But she'll leave her books lying everywhere. She has a habit of coffee in the mornings, and picking up after her sisters, even if she doesn't need to. She leaves the shower curtain open after bathing. Doesn't turn lights off when she leaves a room. Reads, and writes when she is supposed to be doing something, and when she has to be somewhere at a certain time, she usually ends up running late.

Hope you enjoy this character. If you need anything altered, or have any questions, just let me know. Thanks a ton, and I really enjoyed this. =^D

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