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It's basically a 'what's her problem' guessing game put into a short story. You find about what Jennie is mad about at the end. It has a light and humorous tone. Hope you like and comment! =)

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012



" Jennie, it’s fine," Mark complained. Though Jennie couldn’t disagree more.

" No. It needs something else but I can’t put my finger on it." She steppped back and squinted, carefully analyzing every line and color of what her mother had created. There wasn’t a day that passed where Jennie saw something she didn’t like and want to fix it. It was always an urge, like now , that pushed her to do what was right in her eyes. " Take this for example," she said pointing at the high peak. " This should be a light yellowish color. But it’s brown."

" The sunlight doesn’t even reach that spot!"

" Yeah, it does!" She could scarcely believe he didn’t see it. Or was he just being nice again? She hated when he did that. All she ever wanted, needed or asked for was his true opinion, not his pity.

" What ever happened to purple mountain majesties?"

" That would look ridiculous!"

Circling around her, Mark said, "You’re mom is gonna hate it."

" Of course she is! I already hate it!" Jennie sighed and started to angle her head. She could see every mistake now, plain and clear.

" We’re gonna be late for the art exhibit."

She turned to face him. " See! Yours looks fine!"

"That’s because I worked extremely hard on it thirty minutes before the exhibit. You can’t do everything last minute, you’re not the Flash."

" Ugh! You’re hopeless," she said swinging back around. She had been looking at it for forever and it didn’t get any better at all. The colors were colors she chose, but were not the right fit.The only time she had to change them were after the art exhibit and it would do no good after every one saw it. Possibly, just this once, Mark was right. "Let’s go."

" You sure?" her boyfriend asked. "We can go tomorrow."

" It won’t matter. I already added the colors and the exhibit starts in fifteen minutes. Everyone’s gonna see and then I’ll be the laughing stalk of Manhattan. I can’t go in if I start to change it because it won’t be dry by then. Please, let’s go!"

" Honey, in my opinion, it looks great no matter how you do it. Everyone will think so too."

She smiled thankfully at him. Then she focused on her mess and decided that it was best to showcase it. After all, it would be Mark’s fault if no one else liked it.


Mark smiled profusely at the sight of his stubborn Jennie beaming. He was glad he shoved her out to the exhibit, otherwise she would be miserable. She took hold of his hand and reeled him in close.

"Do you know how many compliments I got?" she asked quietly but excitedly.

"How many?"

" Ten! Even one from the art director!"

" Great. I’m happy for you." He really was. Words could not express how wonderful it felt when she finally listened to him and he ended up being right. "But I hope next time you’ll go to the right hair dresser."

" I dunno," she cheered. "The one I used to go to didn’t do this good of a job with my blonde highlights."




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