Seeking Insanity: Part Three

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Submitted: September 19, 2012

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Submitted: September 19, 2012



Miles and Miranda continued to seldom pack in a strained enviornment, only to learn that nothing was going to be better when they were forced apart, especially by something so histrionic, so awkward. And it wasn't long after that Miles figured out that he had placed himself in the position unintentionally. Did he mean every word that came out of his mouth-- No.  Only his questions. Were his statemants backed by overwhelming and candid feelings? Absolutely.

The Almighty knew he loved Miranda with all his heart, but the ignorance in her girlish mind, the stupidity in her choices, compelled him to a tyrade that was written out in his mind with love. She was being too credulous about the whole thing. She was more than ready to jump into a place that he never even wanted to visit. Lest he forget that she didn't heed the photos of his uncle post-mortum. All in all, he did mean his brooding, but not the attitude. The attitude was what he expressed in the place of amatory.

He had to apologize. But only she knew how.

Miles threw his last jacket over his suitcase. It was there so he can have it handy, because it was nearly time to leave.

While checking on Miranda's progress, he tried his personal best to formulate an apology in hiss head, which had proved to be more difficult than having a chess tornament in the middle of a rock concert. In the end, the best he came up with was,'Sorry for yelling and all, but you were just being ignorant.' He didn't even consider saying that and failing to come up with a more sincere apology, he decided to go with the one that was about to exit his mouth, the one with his lame, naivete, and honest words.

He stood at the doorway and Miranda watched him expectantly, as if he was going to preach a sermon. Her hands were resting in the alluring dips of her waist and her head was arrogantly cocked to one side. She didn't just want an apology-- she was demanding it.  Just as his father when he was uneasy, Miles bent spread his legs, bent his right knee, and precariously rubbed his neck. The stance made him look slightly older than his seventeen year-old age and alot like a contrite, testostrone-taut, man.

"Hey, Minnie?" he said anxiously. He gave her that name because the original Minnie's dresses had the same little dots and innocence that his half-sister had. Not mention she was 5'5''. "You have a minute, do you?''

''I dunno. Are you going to yell at me or get in my face? Because if you get in my face, it will take half of a milisecond for me to sock you in yours.''

I took alot for him not to laugh. ''I'm not going to do any more than those two things to hurt you. Ever. I probaly won't get in your face ever again.'' Unless I kiss you, he thought.

Miranda looked down in reluctant approval, then worked her jaw to conceal a small grin.

''And I really am sorry,'' he continued. ''I felt just as bad as you did after I said those low things. I hit below the belt calling you a spoiled brat. I'm so sorry.''

She started over to him for a hug, but then stopped short in front of him. ''Why did you say it?'' she asked, her up-turned lips changing into a down-hill frown.

Miles' adam's apple dived and bobbed before he said,"I was being mean because I was raised that way. You know that. Dad-- George taut me not to show such cheesy and strong emotions like sadness, anger, hate...'' his voice tailed off before he said the opposite of that. "Point is, it didn't mean a thing. It shouldn't. You know that you're one of my best friends, and friends yell at each other when they have no one else to yell at. I love you."

"I love you also,'' she said, embracing him.

He couldn't be anymore relieved. Her hug drew him to sheer ease and the restored lightness of the room was a breath of fresh air.

"But just because I forgive you, doesn't mean you don't have to be open. If you can't be open with George, be open with me all of the time. Okay?''

There lay the problem. To say that he was always going to be open meant saying that he loved her-- in an amorous way. He there was no way in this world that he'd ever get around to it, let alone tell her at all. There was no telling how she'd react. For the eternity, he was stuck in the friend zone, the zone that was now his home because that was the zone for people who were practically brothers and sisters. Miles was consumed in his own thought and confusion, so he forgot that he was still holding his sister. He sighed and then pressed his lips against her forehead.

"Believe me. I'm trying."

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