Subtle Hints: Part 1

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Sad but a life lesson. I am going to upgrade it to a short story soon but here is a snippet just for you guys! I hope you like and comment! Thanks! =)

Submitted: September 08, 2012

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Submitted: September 08, 2012




( Cody comes in from a storm. Goes to kitchen to kiss Jessie but she leans away. Cody becomes suspicious.)


Cody: Hi Jessie.

Jessie: Hi Cody.

Cody: (Leans over her shoulder) What's for dinner?

Jessie: (Puts down wooden spoon angrily and looks at him impatiently) I don't know Cody. Maybe you should just wait and find out.

Cody: (walks out of kitchen to dining room) Didn't mean to trouble you.

Jessie: So why were you out so late?

Cody: I had a stop after work.

Jessie:*mumbles* Whatever. Dinner's ready.

Cody: (stares at Jessie, washes his hands in bathroom sink, then returns to find that she is already eating) Thanks for waiting.

Jessie: Did it earlier, I can do it again.

Cody: Thanks for cooking. (Jessie ignores him) Something bothering you, Jess?

Jessie: Are you concerned, Codes?

Cody: Well, yeah. you dodged my kiss and started eating without me.

Jessie: I need some type of optional independence.

Cody: But you always wait.

Jessie: And? So what?

Cody: (stirs food angrily) Nothing.

Jessie: How was "work"?

Cody: Good.

Jessie: Good.

Both: .................................

Cody: Cut the crap Jess. What's wrong with you?

Jessie: We've been dating for five years now. Day in and day out, I adjusted to your work schedule: 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. And weeks before Christmas, when we're supposed to be together, you're working overtime.

Cody: I want a little more money.

Jessie: You and I both know that all of your extra hours are just a bunch of crap!

Cody: Why would you say that?

Jessie: Obviously, the cash flow hasn't increased at all!


Jessie: That's what I thought.

Cody: Why are you doing this?

Jessie: Ther's something you're not telling me. What is it? Are you gay? Is that it?

Cody: Why would you even suggest---

Jessie: Is there any other legit reason for why you'd come home smelling like Chanel?

Cody: Ever thought of female co-workers that don't want to walk around smelling like refinery turbine oil?

Jessie: And you'd smell like that because that or these co-workers are all over you? That's it, isn't it?

Cody: You think I'm cheating? I can't belive this, Jess.

Jessie: 'Cause you're Mr. Faithful. You'd never cheat on me!

Cody: (Get's in her face) Once. Once and it wasn't even close to an affair! it was your best friend jumping all over me!

Jessie: And you had to unbutton your shirt nd kiss her back.

Cody: Jess, I was drunk, I'm a man with an attraction to females. My judgement was numb. What was I supposed to do?

Jessie: (Looks away) I don't know. Anything but that.

Cody: I said I'm sorry.

Jessie: (Starts to walk away) An apology isn't s good as the truth. Besides, that's not what this is about.

Cody: If it isn't then why the hell do you think I'm having an affair?(follows her)

Jessie: Once, why not twice?

Cody: We've come so far. I---

Jessie: Evidently, not far enough.

Cody: You know what? maybe I should have an affair just so you can see how good I am after I'm gone. (turns to leave)

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