Traveling Hands

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Hmm... I am only thirteen so... yeah. Yes it is long but the message and stuff is not meaningless. Alot of people are not strangers to the situation. =( Enjoy to an extent.

Submitted: September 26, 2012

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Submitted: September 26, 2012



Your hands go onto my forehead

to sweep hair out of my eyes.

Your hands go down to my neck

to choke me.

Your hands go back to my face

to wipe my tears and kiss me.

Your hands go onto my stomach

to feel our baby.

Your hands go to mine

for prayer to fix us.

Your hands go to our child

to hold her.

Your hands go gentle with her

not me.


Your hands go to your face

to wipe off the lipstick that I don't wear.

Your hands go to your phone to delete the messages.


Your hands go to my face

to slap me when I ask about them.

Your hands go to me daughters face

to wipe the tears and visions of abuse from her eyes.

Your hands go to your face

to cry when she asks her daddy the reasons why.


My hands go to our hands

to remove the rings.

My hands go to

My daughter,

her clothes,

my clothes,

the keys,

the car.

And hand in hand we travel.


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