Midnight Paintbrush

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Painting how I feel.

Submitted: February 02, 2014

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Submitted: February 02, 2014



My Midnight Paintbrush


As I stare upon my empty canvas
The wall clock hands both point upward
Twiddling my paintbrush in my hand
With the moons glare shining northward


Usually I paint in the light

But tonight's a little different
I can't get some things off my mind

So I'm sitting in the glare of the moons crescent 


My minds emotions trickle down through my veins
And my veins follow through to the tips of my fingers 
As I paint the emotions of my life
To be thrown in my pile of broken pictures


For my despair I paint a light house,

to shine a light on some hope
For my life and my desires
To give my hope some hope 


For my sadness I paint a full moon,
With a beautiful night starry sky 
Then I'll cloud it with a smear 
And watch the paint slowly run dry


For my spiritual being, I paint an ocean
With waves that flow back and forth
It never stops and is never steady
It always moves with such a force


Finally I paint my confusion, with some flowers and a key,
I perch the flowers upon the lighthouse
And paint the key to be swallowed by the sea


Because the silver key unlocked truths
It led me on to believe 
That I was going the right direction 
But then it misguided me


But the painted flowers upon the lighthouse,

they represent my inner peace
They make me feel relaxed
And provide me a nice release


Now i stare upon my finished painting
The wall clock points a quarter-till-three
I put down my Midnight Paintbrush
And now I finally feel set free.

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