The Runaway Train

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Writing about wanting to escape reality

Submitted: February 02, 2014

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Submitted: February 02, 2014



August 18th 2012

Runaway Train


Runaway train, won’t you take me away

Let me get on, and sleep my troubles away

While you take me to a place very far from here

I’ve got my bags packed and have no fear


Because my mind goes in circles

And I can never think straight

My thoughts are always jumbled

And it’s always impossible to escape


And it doesn’t seem like I have it anymore

Only sometimes I really do

I only make sense to myself

And to him I don’t make any sense too


And no matter how hard I try

It seems like I can never make it

Always striving for perfection

When I know it can’t be taken


And while it’s all just words on paper

Nobody can know the feeling

Unless your actions prove your words

Otherwise I’m not the one believing


So I’ll stay close to those who know me

Just for who I am

And I’ll appreciate everything I have

While I still can


But for now

I’ll lay here and relax while I listen to the rain

And I’ll dream about taking a runaway train

Getting away from here, and being all lone

And if dreams are better than reality

I just wish I would have known. 

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