Radiating Aurora

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This is a simple review of my soon coming book "Radiating Aurora".

This is a competition entry I thought was pretty interesting and I'd love to share with everybody.

Submitted: July 17, 2014

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Submitted: July 17, 2014



Radiating Aurora



Beyond the land she lives on, she'll never expect. The things she was born to do, has given her a great challenge. Her name is Kyra Soren, 14 years of age, she tends to wonder. Living in a miraculous castle of which was breached once, her parents would never let that happen again. So they locked her in the castle all her life. The things outside weren't normal, she suspected that sooner than she thought. The rumbles which frightened her were not thunder, nor the tinkers in the basement, but a storm of dark creatures trying to breach the walls once again.

Her parents died soon after the long years, their death was unknown, but Kyra is willing to avenge their legacy. Though all that they've done to her is horrid, but she would understand it's for her own good. Now, there is no leader, no so called "safe", Kyra needs to venture beyond the walls and eliminate the virus, but she didn't know of the trouble lurking ahead. Soon discovering her power, the creatures did too. "Radiate Aurora", something once spoken millions of years ago. Everything she thought, it was never real, the world she lived in and everything else. All she needed to do is "Radiate Aurora", to discover what is real to what is fake.


Coming out soon, short story as original. Long story will possibly come later.

Thank you for your short time spent to read.



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