Ode to my love

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Ode to love is a poem written as a way of dealing with the emotions of loving someone that is out of bounds. In it, the persona is putting things into context so as to deal with her emotional whirlwind.


I will never forget how much you meant to me,
I will never forget how you make my heart feel,
I will never forget how your eyes open up your soul to me,
I will never forget how your presence calms and reassures me.

I will never forget how much laughter you bring to me,
Or how your touch make me weak.
I will never forget how easy you put my worries at ease,
And melt my sadness into glee.

I will never forget the softness of your embrace,
 I will never forget the sureness of you care,
I will never forget how you bring love back my way,
And give me a second taste of its grace.

I promise to love you always,
As I watch you find your way through lives endless maze,
I will always define love by what we shared,
And ensure I never settle below that sphere.

Written by:
Patricia Clarke

Submitted: March 14, 2015

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Hey everyone I have been absent for such a long time but, I am ready to start writing again let me know how you feel about my first piece of work, "Ode to my love".

Thank you.

Sat, March 14th, 2015 5:28am

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