Michael Tanner (a pseudonym for reality)

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The story of my first love.

Submitted: October 31, 2007

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Submitted: October 31, 2007



When I never saw him;

his reputation walking 6 feet

in front of him

and he, trying to

follow it around,

live up to the shadows

mixing with his loneliness

and lack of self-assurance.

Not knowing who he truly was.

Religion lost;

condemning God

for not being there

the one time he

wanted him to be,

and hating his family

for forcing him to be

a part of it.

Friends; a foreign word.

People using him for

the sake of his habit;

taking over his mind

and forcing him further

into disillusion.

And he became

what people wanted him to be,

changing personalities like clothes

and trading clothes

and trading love

for a few hits of acid

and a burned bible.

Betrayed by many;

loved by few;

used by all.

Never finding himself

or what he could be.

Not knowing what it truly meant

when he fell in love,

just content to be with someone.


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